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100 years ago, we were punished by the God of Storm himself because of our use of magic, the dark arts. Giants devils came to our land, and only through our faith we were saved. The high priest prayed to God, and in doing so he raised our small nation 100 feet off the hellish earth. We are safe from the devils that wished to consume us, and as our gratitude we worship the Storm God as gratitude. He saved us from the devils within ourselves, and for that, we thank him. So raise your voices! Let God hear your cries of apology and love, let your voices ring out throughout our nation! Let the devils cower in fear from our love to our god! Breathe in the breath of freedom in our nation, knowing we reject our devilish heritage of magic and hellfire, knowing that we are free in God's warm light of the elevated heavens!

-For Praise of the Storm God, Cletus.

This is a prayer that everyone who grows up in the nation of Mater Urano learns when they are young children. Most believe it, and worship Cletus profusely, but some write it off as merely propaganda of the Storm Church, who hold their power close and dear. However, those suspicious of the legitimacy of the Church's history are in the minority, and the braves souls who speak out against the Storm Church can end up on the wrong end of a guillotine.

As for whether or not the Storm Church is lying about the land, that remains to be seen; at least, for the general public. In truth, the story of how the mortal races became trapped on a nation elevated 100 feet off the ground is much different from what the church would have you believe.

Over a 100 years ago, the five giant tribes, all from different realms and regions, were being hunted by the mortal races. In order to survive, they sent one giant from each clan, Fire, Ice, Stone, Mountain (Hill), and Sky (Cloud), to search for the power of the Storm Giant, which was said to bring ultimate power to their race. they found him trapped under a pile of rocks in a large underground cavern. Through trickery and persuasion, they brokered a deal: Cletus would give half of his power to the 5 giant tribes, if each of the five giant tribes gave him half of their power. All of the giants except the representative from the Mountain tribe agreed, and as a result, the Fire, Ice, Stone, and Sky tribes each had a share of Cletus's power.

With their newfound strength, the four most powerful tribes launched an attack in the mortal races. How? With the combined power of the Storm Giant, the creator of giants, they could turn the mortal races into Mountain Giants to fight along side them against their will. These Mountain Giants were completely brainless, meaning that they kill mortals by eating them or smashing them with their hands. This became known as the Great Giant War, or GGW for short.

Seeing his mistake, Cletus decided it was time to fight back. Even though he was still trapped under a pile of rocks in a cavern somewhere, Cletus witnessed the destruction of the mortal races through his omnipotent god sense. Seeing the destruction, he decided that he had made a mistake, and granting the power of a god to lesser beings was a mistake. In order to counteract the destruction, Cletus sent out a message to the mortal races disguised as a message from God, telling them to make their way to the small nation of Mater Urano.

Here's the thing: Cletus's hiding position was directly under Mater Urano. When enough of the mortal races entered the nation, he used his half of the Storm Power to lift it 100 feet closer to the storms, meaning the entire nation was 100 feet higher than the rest of the world. Of course, Cletus was more than 100 feet underground, so the nation of Mater Urano now appears to be supported by a a giant wall of dirt and stone. Cletus is still trapped inside.

So the stage is set: The four giant tribes control all of the earth except for Mater Urano, and they have an army of mindless Mountain Giants that can be used to siege the land for all eternity. Each of the giant tribes has a the Storm Giant power that can be passed among them, and can control the mindless giants. Most of the refugees in Mater Urano have never seen any giants other than the mindless ones, so over the years they became like devils, symbols of the danger outside Mater Urano. The Storm Church, who worship Cletus as God (and don't associate him with giants at all), say that the destruction a century ago was a result of the overuse of magic, that magic is God's tool, and that mortals have no business using it. As a result, all magic is banned by the Storm Church, and is punishable by death. To prevent a secondary disaster, the Storm Church has absolute control. They decide who the next royal leader should be, they decide education, they decide everything. Because of their actions, everyone in Mater Urano follows their lead to the letter, and as a result, their is rarely conflict. Right now, the mortal races are safe.

But the power of the almighty Cletus is beginning to fail. Slowly but surely, Mater Urano is being lowered back into the ground. It's only a matter of time before the people find out. Once again, the mortals will be sent up against their natural enemy, the Giants. Sides will be chosen, conflicts will be fought, and the mortal races will once again feel the wrath of being at the mercy of the Giants. All unless a group of brave heroes can band together and protect the land, to strike back at the giants who threaten them, and finally bring peace to their world.

It won't be easy, but they'll have help. Remember when I said that Cletus had traded half of his power for a piece of each of the four giant tribes? While still being trapped under Mater Urano, they are useless to him, because only the Storm Giant power is Godlike. So he sent them out, to be inherited and combined with members of the mortal races, so they can fight back with the giant's own power. That's right, the power of the Sky Giant, Fire Giant, Ice Giant, and Stone Giant are floating around somewhere, the exchanged souls merged with some members of living society. 4 humanoids have this power. They might not even by on Mater Urano, they might not even be know they have this power, but wherever they are, they posses incredible ability.

The rest is up to you.

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