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The Star[edit]

The Star is one of twelve closely-guarded fighting styles, known as the Zodiac Of Pain. The Star is a pact with an entity from the Far Realm. Incidentally, the entity is the source of the abberant Ki users of The Strap harness. Originally, the Zodiac Of Pain referred to twelve adventurers who used dark magic to slaughter the forces of darkness. They each founded thier own school of combat, and they each chose twelve others to lead thier school. The hierarchy of a Zodiac Of Pain school is twelve ranks, each containing twelve students who are sub-ranked within that rank. When a student feels ready, they can challenge the one from the rank above that corresponds to thier sub-rank to a duel. If the challenger wins, they swap places. If they lose, they decrease in the standings of thier rank. When a student is in the twelfth rank, they can challenge a master. If they win, they become a master too and the school searches for a new recruit. A student has twelve years to learn the ways of thier Zodiac Style and to become a master, and if they fail they are killed to keep the order a secret.

Expanded Spell List

Charm Person, Armour of Jenova


Withering Ray, Sonic Implosion


Fear, Hypnotic Pattern


Confusion, Swiftbolt


Nightmare, Chromatic Explosion

1st level
Zodiac Of Pain Induction:

You gain a Zodiac Of Pain charge. You can use it to fuel your Zodiac Of Pain abilities. Your Zodiac Of Pain charges are refilled after you finish a long rest. At 10th level, you gain a second Zodiac Of Pain charge. At 15th level, you regain one after you finish a short rest. At 20th level, you gain a third Zodiac Of Pain charge.

1st level
Soul Drain:

As an action when you are within 5 feet of an incapacitated but alive enemy to drain it's soul, restoring a spell slot to you of a level equal to half it's challenge rating. If it had a CR of 20 or more, you gain an additional spell slot of the excess CR value. (So if you kill a CR 20 creature, you regain a 9th level spell slot (18) and a first level spell slot (2). If it had a CR lower than 1, it does not restore a spell slot.

6th level
Aberrant Hand:

You gain two magical hands made of bone. Each of them may be in one of the following arcane stances, each one bestowing a magical effect upon you (you can change the stances of your Aberrant Hands as a bonus action) The effects of a Stance stack.

  • Protect: Your AC increases by 1.
  • Attack: At the start of each of your turns, a creature within 5 feet of you of your choice takes 1d4 magical bludgeoning damage.
  • Focus: You have a +1 bonus to attack rolls.
  • Ward: You have a +1 bonus to saving throws.
  • Riposte: Whenever you take damage, the source of that damage takes 1d4 magical bludgeoning damage.
10th level

You can expend a Zodiac Of Pain charge to deal 6d6 Necrotic damage to an enemy within 5 feet of you. You regain hit points equal to the amount of damage you dealt.

14th level
Superior Abberance:

You gain two additional hands made of bone.

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