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Spirits Less Departed (Warlock Patron)[edit]

Upon death, the spirits of many men, and women, find themselves unable—or more often unwilling—to move on. While the strongest of these can eventually assert themselves as ghosts, the rest simply remain... most fleeing to their final rest within only a few days. Whatever their motivations; a task undone, a secret begging to be revealed, or merely fear of the unknown next life, those who do not move on usually find themselves too weak to interact with the world they crave to remain a part of. Most cannot even perceive the world of living without aid.

These forsaken souls are your Patron.

By opening your soul to them, you provide them a way to do what they never could on their own: live. Though, slowly, these spirits consume the warlock from within, they gladly offer their cumulative knowledge and power. Those who master these self-damned beings often find themselves forsaken by the gods themselves, a punishment for claiming the souls that should have been theirs.

Expanded Spells List[edit]

The spirits of the departed, by majority, are not spellcasters, as such, you do not gain an expanded spell list

Patronary Flux[edit]

The many spirits that grant you your power are always changing—coming and going as the individual spirits reach peace, annihilation, or otherwise. This constant Flux allows you to constantly alter the benefits you receive from them.

Each time you complete a long rest, you may choose a single benefit from the following list:

  • Gain access to a single Warlock invocation which does not have a level requirement.
  • Gain access to a single Warlock invocation whose requirements you meet, AND which has a Pact Boon as a prerequisite.
  • If you have the Pact Boon ability, lose access to your current Pact Boon, and gain access to a different one. Even if you subsequently select the same Pact Boon, you may choose to select different benefits, as would normally be allowed. In addition to the normally available Pact Boons, you may also choose following option:
Pact of Possession: your body is warped to match the appearance of the spirits which possess you. Up to once per short rest, you may change the form of your body as per the Alter Self spell, with the following changes. The duration of is permanent, until the Pact of Possession ends, and does not require concentration. If you choose the 'Change Appearance' option you may change your appearance only once per short rest, and cannot mimic the exact appearance of another living creature.

These benefits last only until you make a new selection at the end of a long rest.

Pact Augmentation[edit]

At 6th level, you are able to improve your connection to the spirits which bolster you. Any time you complete a long rest or a short rest you may choose one of the following benefits to apply until you complete another long or short rest.

  • Continuous benefit of the Enhance Attribute spell, targeting yourself only.
  • You may cast Speak With Dead at will, without expending a spell slot.
  • Continuous benefit of the produce flame spell. The flame may be passed from one hand to another, but will ignite any flammable material that hand touches. If lost or extinguished, the flame will return to the hand it most recently occupied.
  • Gain access to a Warlock Invocation, as per your Patronary Flux ability.

Mind of Many (I am Legion)[edit]

Beginning at 10th level, your mind has been suffused so long with the whispered desires and never-ending demands and mad rantings of your patrons that you have become inured to most any kind of mental manipulation.

You gain immunity to all charm, and compulsion effects. If a mental link would be established between yourself and the caster of such an ability the link still occurs, though you are not forced to obey any orders.

If you are ever subject to possession by a fiend or outside spirit, the spirit is trapped, unable to leave unless you will it, and unable to use any of its other abilities unless you will it (you do not gain the use of these abilities, but merely inhibit the possessing spirit from doing so.)

Vessel of Souls[edit]

Beginning at level 14, you gain a second instance of your Pact Boon. This additional Pact Boon need not match your other, and may be changed each time you complete a long rest, as per your Patronary Flux feature.

In the event two instances of the same Pact Boon are selected, the effects compound, with the following results:

  • Pact of the Chain: you gain a second familiar. It need not be the same type as the first.
  • Pact of the Blade: you may gain a second weapon, a suit of armor or shield, with proficiency as appropriate.
  • Pact of the Tome: The two Tomes you receive are independent, each with its own set of spells. During any turn you cast a cantrip you can immediately cast a second cantrip.
  • Pact of Possession: you may change your form, as an action at will.

Finally, you gain resistance to Psychic damage and advantage on saves against fear.

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