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The Simulation[edit]

The Simulation

The simulation is an area indistinguishable from reality. The Simulation takes up a 100 by 100 mile area, procedurally generating the world upon reset each time, leaving things different everytime the simulation is re-entered. The simulation is not reality even though it seems like it. Depending of the type of mind in the simulation, it changes what you see, feel and experience. The simulator is controlled from a strange Machine located somewhere unknown, and the simulator has no solid form, yet seems real to the person inside. Multiple people can be in the simulation at once and see different things. The simulator can be accessed by 3 main entrances that look like large gates or doorways that at first look empty but up close the air shimmers like a portal. The gate ways lie to the north, east, and west but the south gateway was destroyed. The simulator has a long history being used as an arena, prison, storage room and many other uses. After being abandoned by its builders, the simulation lays in wait for its next visit by the living being.

If the adventurers are from a high-magic fantasy world, they might find their way into The Simulation through one of the three gateways. The gateways are located to the north, east, and west of the simulation, and the south gateway was destroyed.

  1. A powerful wizard or sorcerer could have built The Simulation as a way to test out various spells and magical effects in a controlled environment.
  2. A group of scientists could have built The Simulation in order to study the effects of different environments on people.
  3. A government could have built The Simulation in order to train soldiers for different types of combat.
  4. A race of aliens could have built the simulation in order to study human behavior.
  5. The Simuation was created by an unknown civilization for unknown reasons. It was later abandoned and left to decay.

The Simulation contains creatures that vary depending on what mind is controlling it. The creatures are not really alive, and are more like hallucinations or apparitions. Any type animal or plant can exist in the simulator if they are inputted into the simulator via the machine or created by a type A1 brain.

  • Robots and AI of all shapes and sizes exist in the simulator. They are usually found in ruins or old facilities.
  • Repair Gel - A gel type that is is not hostile unless provoked and takes care of the upkeeping of the simulator.
  • A terrible monster can be found in The Simulation, that adventurers might have to fight. This monster is a giant, mutated, and enraged creature that seems to be made of pure hatred and fury. It is huge, easily twice the size of a normal man, and is incredibly strong and tough. It is almost impossible to kill, and if it catches you, it will rip you apart with its bare hands.

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