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The Shaper[edit]

Shapers draw their power from the world around them, and can manipulate that power to change the physical shape of objects and space.

Martial Training

At 1st level, you gain proficiency in light armor and simple weapons.


You can reach into the fabric of the world and produce various objects and weapons. At 1st level, you can touch an object as a bonus action and shape a medium or smaller object from the material of the touched surface. You can create weapons like this and are always considered proficient with weapons you shape. Attacks you make with your fabricated weapons use your Charisma modifier instead of the normal ability. Your weapons aren't as solid as manufactured weapons, and will break if an attack roll you make shows a 2 or less on the die. At 10th level, your weapon only breaks when the die rolls a natural 1. At 20th level, your weapons cannot be broken.


Starting at 6th level, you can use an action to try to warp an object you can see. Choose either a single object that could fit within a 10 ft cube, that isn't being worn or carried, or choose a 10 ft cube of a larger object. You stretch and warp the material, causing severe damage that may cause structural instability or make the object otherwise useless. Weapons warped in this way are considered to be improvised and any attack rolls made with the weapon suffer disadvantage. You may spend 2 sorcery points to target a held or carried weapon instead, but the creature carrying the weapon gains a Intelligence save against your spell save DC to negate the effect. Additionally, when you make a melee attack you can spend a sorcery point to add 1d4 force damage onto the total damage, you can spend more sorcery points to increase the damage by an extra d4.

Spatial Distortion

At 10th level, you can cause the space around you to warp as a reaction to being attacked. Whenever a creature attacks you, you may use your reaction to teleport up to 5 feet. The provoking attack suffers disadvantage, or misses if it already suffered disadvantage before you used this ability. You can use this ability once between short or long rests.

Leyline Manipulation

At 14th level, you can touch and bend the ethereal fabric that fuels all magic. You can spend 5 sorcery points on your turn to create an antimagic field, as per the spell, with the exception that you and any number of creatures you designate upon creating the field can still cast spells and use abilities that rely on magic. Affected creatures can make an Intelligence save against your spell save DC to negate this effect for themselves. You can restore the leylines and therefore end the effect as a bonus action.

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