The Seven Blows of the White Dragon (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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A move that if performed correctly, nobody can stop. All those who have sought revenge have yearned to learn this maneuver in the White Lotus style to reach their own goals. The user twists his hands in an array of speed and force, targeting seven deadly pressure points in the target's chest and neck. The nerves are set into a disarray and are set up with a vibrating psionic force that causes extreme physical pain, the vibration in seconds jumps from nerve to nerve setting the whole body to a shake, and eventually bringing all nerves and functions of the vital organs to a permanent stop.

Level: Hard 5 Type: Action. Prerequisites: Dex 18, Str 16, 1 level 5 hard maneuver, and 5 other hard maneuver's.

Effect: The user must take a full round action to strike with pinpoint precision at the target's nerves and vitals, the attack is given a +5 on the full attack. If hit the target is immediately shaken with no save whatsoever, while the paralyzing effect soon takes it's toll. The target must make a DC 20 + Dex or be paralyzed for 1D4 rounds thereafter and a huge array of pain strikes their physical being, rendering them immobile for 1 round after.

At the stages final end the target must make a DC 30 + Str or have his or her heart explode as well as 1D8 Con damage internally. The Seven Blows can be utilized by the Martial Artist three times per every two hours. Unfortunately a small amount of the pain and internal damage jumps to the attacker after a 1'st attack. The second time, the user takes 1D4+Str; Con damage and has a 50% chance to have that arm broken. After the second, the third, the user takes only 1D4 Con damage but must make a FRT save DC 20 + Str or be immobile for 1D4 hours.

Damage: The attack deals a natural of 14D10 damage plus Wis modifier x 1.5.

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