The Scorching King (4e Deity)

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The Scorching King[edit]

A firey orb with a fist inside

Chaotic Evil
Domains: Death, destruction
Warpriest Domain: Death

The Scorching King is the master of death by fire, and he got this stance from Asmodeus. More detailed information about the King's history may be found here. He commands his believers to:

  • Kill those who oppose the chaotic power of fire, and sacrifice slaves by burning them.
  • Ignite fire on the temples of the good and lawful deities, so that only the chaos will survive.
  • Praise the elemental powers. Be strong, and the King will bestow you with elemental powers.

Clerical training[edit]

Clerics and other believers of the King are called Pyroscorched. They don't have to be part of any race or origin, but only elemental fanatics gain true power from the King and are his high priests, called Pyroscarred.


Quests that the King may give include setting shrines or temples of good deities on fire, or entering a ruler's castle in the middle of the night and burning it.

Prayers and Rites[edit]

The Scorching King's prayers include fiery whispers mixed with chaotic shouts, all in the language of the King, Abyssal. Among his rites and rituals is the Elemental Shower, in which the followers spill Elemental Fire on each other; many cultists die because of this.


Temples and shrines of the King may be found in deep volcanoes, or hidden in deep caverns. Temples of the King are also founded on the ashes of previous temples that were burned down by the King's believers' hands. These temples are often built from the ashes of sacrificed slaves.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The Scorching King has three exarchs: First- Duridooke the Scarred, a fanatic dragonborn believer of the King. Second- Zerigrahs the Flaming, a golem built from the ashes of a shrine of Bahamut burned by the third follower- Impresgrog the Mad, a great tiefling sorcerer who used to be good when he was betrayed by a fire archon.

As a Creature[edit]

You can find in-game information about the King and his followers as creatures here.


Several days after attempting to battle the spellplague, an outraged and vexed Pyroath Aerogon sent his most powerful state against this weaker Lord of Fire, vanquishing him beneath hallowed blade and relentless muscle, consuming the Fallen God's heart beneath grating teeth and drawing forth both scarlet blood and golden, amber fluid of divinity. The Scorching King would never rise again.

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