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The Scarlet Empress[edit]

A marble dragon-like serpent, mouth open, with a violet flame burning within it.

Domains: Magic, Vengeance

Her Imperial Majesty, the Violet Flame of Vengeance, the Great Sorceress, Harbinger of the Spellplague

Home Dominion: The Nine Heavens of Ceres

Worshipers: Arcanists, those of royal blood or lineage, explorers, and those who seek understanding beyond the 'truth' of the ancient tales; often so-called 'heretical' clerics and other such people. Those who seek true vengeance in their hearts, to be obtained at any price, very often call on her as well.

The Scarlet Empress is portrayed as a beautiful, slender young woman dressed all in scarlet cloth that wears a ornate crown, and is both the sister and consort to the divine Fou-Lu the God Emperor. Her original spheres of power in the beginning were Magic and Blood, but during the Dawn War against the ancient primordials, she gained power over Vengeance as well. It resulted from a forbidden event - her love of a great primordial of nothingness and darkness named Azoth, Sovereign of the Howling Dark. Legends say that this ancient being won her heart in an unknown manner, and Fou-Lu; enraged and shamed by this terrible affront to both his personal honor and the gods, personally killed Azoth and tore his essence from his body, casting it away and sealing his physical form within the prison of Carceri, unable to destroy it fully. The Scarlet Empress, in terrible grief and hatred, vowed revenge against her husband and the divines, unleashing upon their precious mortal creations the dreadful Spellplague. And now she sits, alone and waiting, waiting for someone or something to free her beloved from his prison and carry his essence, to awaken him once more. Her commands are the following:

  • Seek vengeance where it is deserved.
  • Learn of all things arcane, that you may grow wiser and more blessed by the knowing.
  • Blood is sacred, a holy symbol of the Making. Spill it only in the name of the Divine.
  • The Spellplague is the fault of the Gods. With every warped breath, know their actions sealed your fate.
  • Seek what is lost, and earn your forgiveness. Fear not, for I am watchful.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of the Scarlet Empress are few, as arcanists are more likely to revere her, and her doctrines are sometimes considered heresy by worshipers of other faiths. Those who consider both blood and vengeance sacred however often become avengers or invokers in her divine name.


The main quest sought by the believers of the Scarlet Empress is the location of the ancient essence of the fallen primordial Azoth, and a way to free his physical shell from its prison within Carceri. This quest is often kept very secret however, as the servants of other gods would kill her followers if they found out. Usually, other quests such as finding lost magic items, consecrating battlefields and hospitals, and aiding the victims of the Spellplague are kept as fronts and minor objectives to cover up for their actual mission.


There is only one great temple dedicated to the Scarlet Empress, and its location is not widely known. However it is often sought by those who are victims or survivors of the Spellplague, as a place to go where they will be accepted and cared for, either as a home or a place of peace until their agonizing death.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The Scarlet Empress has no allies except for her husband Fou-Lu, and that is tenuous at best. Her herald is typically a gold or silver dragon.

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