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The Roaring Claw: The Roaring Claw is a red gauntlet with golden engraving along the top and sides which straps onto the wrist and contains three long, flaming claws that extend from the front of the gauntlet at will.

The Roaring Claw, being the Shaharan artifact belonging to In'Fernox, can bind him to the wielder's will, as well as give the wearer the ability to absorb and bend flame to their needs. The Claw itself does 2 d6 damage as well as dealing 10 points of fire damage for 1d6 rounds afterwards. The wielder can use fire-based spells at will equal to as many charges are inside the Claw. The Claw can absorb fire an infinite amount of times per day, from any source of fire, but requires ten minutes after absorbing a flame to store the power fully.
strong aura, destruction; CL 50;

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