The Rise and Fall of Yushioto (The Shinigami) (DnD Story)

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The Rise and Fall of Yushioto (The Shinigami)[edit]

This story begins in Asia where a small boy who is orphaned by the ruling warlord Tensos Gaura. Being forced to grow up on the street he learns the skill of picking peoples pockets to survive. One day Yush tries to pick the pocket of a warrior who catches him in the act and threatens to cut off his hand. Yush screams in defiance to the warrior and challenges him to combat. The warrior chuckles and asks if the boy even knew how to wield a sword. The boy responds to he didn’t know. The warrior offers to teach the boy how to fight the Bushi way. This moment is what started Yushioto onto his path to darkness and power.

After a few years the street urchin grows into a young man who was quick on his feet and as strong as a wrestler. One day while training with his master (Yetoma) the ruling warlord appears to the bushi master telling him he has received the great honor of serving in the warlords court as his personal guards. Yetoma who had always desired such a great honor gladly accepted the position without hesitation. While Yushioto listens to his master eagerness to join this blood bathed demon courts and rob him of a second father he flew into a rage and attempted to kill this monster. He was quickly tossed on his ass by his master saying to the warlord to forgive his former apprentice for this great dishonor he tried to cause the warlord by forcing him to draw his sword on a mere child. The warlord accepts the Yetoma apology but demands the boy be punished by sending him from away in a barbaric land where he can die a dishonor death far from any sense of home. After those words were spoken Yush was knocked out and woke up on a boat to the west coast.

After landing he wandered around until he found himself near the east coast where he found a group young warriors getting ready to set out on adventure. Realizing that this was the best way to obtain to return to Asia and murder his former master and the warlord who cost him such pain. After traveling around for a while he began to grow to a position of meager strength but nowhere close enough to the warlord he wishes to kill. Until one contracts led him and his group to a town where the local assassins guild was getting out of hand he watch a several of his powerful friends fall to these weak and pitiful humans that he began to wonder if he chose the wrong career. This marked Yushioto’s descend into darkness and strife. After mopping up the assassins guild the next town, Yush traveled to the sought out similar group of killers hoping to persuade them to accept him into their order and show him the path to power.

They gave him a test to slay an old man staying at the local inn. Yush pretends to be the man’s cousin to gain access room and brutally murders him with garrote wire. Two souls that day were sent to hell, the old man and Yush. After rejoining his old group they traveled until one day a contracts teleports them into an unknown land. Unknown to them it was the plane of were those who follow the path of evil can eat from the tree of malice and gain its power. When Yush discover this power this world had to offer him he quickly sought out more.

While his group was in the local inn he went out searching for trouble and an excuse to kill. He came across a beggar who was being shaken down for his money by a theif. Yush saw this as an opportunity to kill and be thanked for it. After failing to assassinate the target in one hit him then purseeded to beat him to death. After knocking him out he awoke him and demanded answers of who he worked for and the slit his throat and looked to the beggar and saw he was gone like the wind. Yush then decided he should rejoin his group for safety in numbers.

While rejoined he notice a group of people were watching him and trade money with each other. Realizing he had been discovered he talked the cleric and half orc he knew and trusted to accompany him to a fight which the guy on the table over there started him into. After a quick street fight all the thieves who were brought were either killed or down for the count. Except for a female thief named Tathra and a small man named Verm who quickly accept that he now served him. Using Verm the party discovered a hidden underground chamber were the thief boss was sleeping. After killing him Yush had an idea of becoming leader of group. So after cutting off the head of the boss he pulled out a potion of love and told the female thief to ingest it. She became in enamored to Yush. After promoting Tathra to his second in command and Verm became a lieutant.

He gathered the group of thieves and told them that he was their new leader. Given that the head of the older leader and that the ranking officers were either by his side or k.i.a, they decided to accept him as their new leader. This signified the descend of darkness into the criminal empire. After a few more kills and humdrum murder, until one day he received a contract on a merchant life’s. After impersonating one of the guards he preceded to slay the merchant and gain new power because of it. Once a day he could alter the mind of his victims to make what they most feared to come before them and try to kill them. However this action drains his health greatly. His second power he received that day was the hasten ability in his feet. However by an unexpected act a powerful curse came upon him, turning him into that which he had become and desired for its might. He had become a Glabrezu - a mighty and powerful demon gifted with great powers of strength and mind. Yushioto had gained the power he had wanted to slay his former master and the Warlord that had taken everything from him.

This chapter of his Mortal life is at an end, While his true story will soon take place.

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