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Warlock Patron:The Pretender[edit]

When you find yourself in sudden need of a superstar warlock, come to The Pretender...

Your patron is a malicious spirit from the legendary harmonic caves deep inside the chaos of pandemonium. The Pretender forges pacts with those in whom it sees great musical talent and the power to capture the souls of an audience. Though the Pretender is a single spirit, it may also be known as the Fool, Gaz’oose the Noisy and Phantom of Opera Music.

Expanded Spell List

The Pretender lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Pretender Expanded Spells
  • Spell Level Spells
  • 1st Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Disguise Self
  • 2nd Silence, Zone of Truth
  • 3rd Sending, Stinking Cloud
  • 4th Compulsion, Polymorph
  • 5th Mislead, Modify Memory
Let's Play Pretend

Starting at first level the Pretender grants you some of its illusionary magic. You can an alternate illusionary appearance. You appear as a medium sized humanoid with a challenge rating equal to or less than your own base-race. Once picked, you cannot change your illusionary form and you do not gain any benefits or special effects from this form, the form mainly serves as an alternate stage identity. Upon succeeding a Wis (insight) or Int (investigation) check with a DC equal to 10+CHA+Your Proficiency Bonus, other creature notice your form is illusionary.

Pact Boon

At 3rd level rather than picking one of the three pact boons mentioned in the PHB, a follower of the Pretender can choose the following pact instead. PACT OF PERFORMANCE Upon forging this pact, the Pretender send you an instrument of your choice. You immediately gain expertise in Cha (performance) checks when playing on this instrument. When your instrument is lost or destroyed, you can spent a 1 hour ceremony to receive a new one from your patron. The type of instrument is however fixed once one has been chosen. Popular patron instruments include: Kazoo, Nose Flute, Vuvuzela and Singing Saw. The instrument also functions as your arcane focus.

Idolish Charm

Starting at sixth level, you have become well versed at pretending to be a great artist. Borrowing some of your patron’s handsomeness, your personal charm becomes irresistible. Other creatures have disadvantage on saves from your enchantments, charm effects or checks to resist watching your musical performance. As you yourself have seen the reality behind entertainers you gain advantage on saves from charms and spells from the school of enchantment.

Lead Artist

At 10th level you have fully mastered the performance arts. You are proficient in Cha (performance) checks and gain +2 Charisma with a maximum of 22. When performing in a settlement, you can attract followers and cohorts who function as back-up vocals, band or fan-club. Consult your DM for the possibilities of this feature.

Dark Twist

Starting at 14th level, your patron believes it has given and taught you enough and now desires something in return. Once per day you can offer the soul of a creature fascinated or charmed by your performance to your patron. The creature makes a charisma save versus your Spell Save DC. When failing the save, the creature’s charisma and intelligence drop to 1, similar to failing the save for Feeblemind, as its sanity is taken by the Pretender. You gain temporary advantage on all charisma based checks and may add the creature’s form to your Let’s Play Pretend alternate illusory appearances. When you haven’t successfully used this feature in 1 month, you suffer 1 level of fatigue for each week you ignore your patron’s grim desire.

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