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The Parasite[edit]

The parasite could be an alias for a variety of creatures, but they all have one thing in common, theft, but not of material possessions. Through some means, they are capable of taking the abilities and powers of others, and through being a warlock of them, they grant you some of this power.

Expanded Spell List

Spell Level Spell
1st Absorb Elements, Mage Armor
2nd Darkvision, Dragon's Breath
3rd Water Breathing, Meld into Stone
4th Polymorph, Stoneskin
5th Telekinesis, Skill Empowerment
9th Shapechange
Parasitic Blast

You begin your journey of parasitic enhancement with simple things. Starting at 3rd level, whenever you hit a creature with a spell attack, or they fail a saving throw against a spell you cast, you may steal some of their abilities. For one minute, you gain one of their senses or movement speeds. You can do this once, and regain all uses on a short rest.

Life Siphon

Beginning at 6th level, you begin to take more than just sight. When a creature takes damage from a spell you cast, you may gain temporary hitpoints equal to the damage they took, which last 1 hour. You may do this once, and regain the use after a long rest.


You don't just leech anymore, you take. Starting at 10th level, when you use Parasitic Blast, for the duration, the target also loses what you gained. If this leaves them with no movement speed, they are knocked prone. If this leaves them with no senses, they are blinded and deafened.

To The Last Drop

Take everything, leave them with nothing. Starting at 14th level, when you reduce a creature to 0 hitpoints that is within 5 feet of you, you can steal their very essence. Their body is effectively destroyed, and their soul becomes trapped within your own, rendering them unrevivable, except by means of divine intervention, the wish spell, or similar effects. You cannot have more than one soul trapped in this way. You can do this once, and regain the use after a long rest.

Additionally, as an action, you can choose one feature that the creature you have trapped initially had. You gain this feature until you finish a long rest, and the soul is released. You can also release the soul without taking one of it's features, if you wish.

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