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Naga Emperor[edit]

Your patrion is ancient locked away power of the snake king. Granting you power from beyond, for the exchange of his freedom. Checking your progress with telepathic commands only you can hear faintly. Some think you're insane, others think you're being mind controlled, but the truth is, you want to let him out. What Chaos could this bring? Sounds like fun...

Naga Emperor Spell List[edit]

Level 1: Speak with animal, Charm Person

Level 2: Alter Self, Enthrall

Level 3: Fear, Hypnotic pattern

Level 4: Major Illusion, Polymorph

Level 5: Dream, Hold Monster

Serpents grip

Starting at 1st level, You roll with advantage on grapple checks, and are able to make a restrain action, however you are not restrained. (Restrain checks have advantage if you have the grappler feat)

Madness whispers

Starting at 6th level the whispers of your king call out to you and help you when necessary. Your passive perception is now 8 + Perception + Religion, Additionally, whenever close to an unseen trap your king will make you aware, as well as the best possible path to a destination, including hidden ones. Invisible creatures no longer roll with advantage on you with normal invisible perks.

Fanged menis

At 10th level, You are immune to poison, and psychic effects and damage. You gain Two large fangs and are able to use them to attack. Your attack mod for them is Chr. You are proficient with them. upon hit a creature takes 1d4 piercing damage and must make a con save. On a fail 2d4 poison damage. On a pass only the incisal damage is done. You can also cast poison spray at it’s highest level form.

Unruly presence

Beginning at level 14, snakes are automatically friendly to you and follow your commands to the best of their ability, as well as speak a language you can understand, and you can always seem to find one. You have released an amount of restraint on your king, allowing him to cast spells to help you if necessary. When you are below 1/4 HP, you may roll a religion check of 15. On a pass your king casts Major illusion of Himself. All hostile creatures to you must make a Wis save of 20 or be frightened until the end of the spell. On a fail nothing happens and you attempt again next turn. If this feature has not been used up and you fall to 0 HP, you are instantly taken to 1/4 HP and remain conscience. You must wait 48 hours before using this feature again.

Once per long rest you can summon a Giant poisonous snake. this lasts for one min. This beast has the same personality each time, meaning its the same entity. Any past situations will be remembered. Each 2nd level up past this point increases the size or challenge rating of this summon. However the creature is still set. level 16, Giant constrictor snake. level 18, night stalker serpent. level 20, young sea serpent.

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