The Moon Phases (3.5e Equipment)

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The Moon Phases[edit]

This carved ivory handle is also glowing with light proportionate to the moon, the weapon on the top changes with the moon.

All weapons that form from this Handle have the following characteristics;

New Moon (0/4th - 1/4th)[edit]

The Handle doesn't react during the new moon.

Cresent Moon (1/4th - 1/2)[edit]

This Scimitar has a very long curve to it, and shines with the light of the moon.

It's a Scimitar duing this phase.

Half Moon (1/2 - 3/4ths)[edit]

This Battleaxe is curved like the moon in the sky, it will always strike true for the warriors of the moon.

It's a Battleaxe during this phase.

Full Moon (3/4ths - 1/1)[edit]

This Mace literally pulsates with the power of the moon.

It's a Heavy Mace during this phase and the nighttime bonus above increases to +5.

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