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The Mirror of Infinite Faces: The Mirror of Illusion is the Shaharan artifact belonging to Maras and Morus, the twin gods of illusion. The mirror is a golden hand mirror with a face made of reflective obsidian. The face of the mirror bears no reflection at all when dormant.

The Mirror of Illusion gives the wielder the ability to, at will, change their appearance into any creature the mirror has caught even a glimpse of by looking into it(This also saves their own appearance). The mirror will then alter their appearance to all but the wielder, who will see themselves as they truly are. If the wielder transforms into something too big for an area, it will shrink down, or if it is too tall, it will duck where necessary. If something prevents the appearance from accessing an area, the wielder will be outright blocked from accessing the area.

When the wielder's appearance is altered, they gain a completely undetectable disguise, and a bonus to their bluff by +10 until they transform back to their normal state.
Strong aura, Illusion; CL 50; Weight: 1 lb.

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