The Greater and Lesser Gods (Voidhaven Supplement)

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In the beginning, there was Order and Chaos.

The great God called Order gave birth to Haven, and her equal, Chaos, gave birth to the Void. Both were content, until intelligent creatures came to Haven, taming dragons and subduing the plane to their will. For eons, they formed Haven to fit their desires, until Order could no longer bear it. She gave of her essence to form the lesser gods, directing them to return Haven to its rightful form.

Seeing a place that was returning to it's orderly and serene state, Chaos crept toward it, breaking up the land and creating portals and summoning new life to cause havoc in the serenity. With Order reduced, the lesser gods had to use their power and that of mortals to contend with Chaos, sealing the Void from Haven.

Order and the Lesser Gods had spent much of their power in containing Chaos within the Void, such that they no longer had the power to return Haven to it's perfect state. The best they could do was to guide the creatures inhabiting the plane.

Greater Gods[edit]
  • Order: The Goddess that gave birth to Haven itself, benevolence incarnate, creator of life.
  • Chaos: The God of the Void, father of disorder. The deceiver, the destroyer.
Lesser Gods[edit]
  • Life: Chocanter, a kindly centaur that deals fairly with any living creature. Good deeds are rewarded, and evil ones are given second chances, but not thirds.
  • Death: Daziira, a half-human, half white dragon that revels in cold, death, and chaos. There are no good deeds, but she doesn't see that as a reason not to punish those that deserve it.
  • Magic/Knowledge: Riktahla, a humanoid goddess that grants knowledge to her followers, including magic to the most devout.
  • Earth/Water: Rechnar, a short humanoid that values hard work and those who do it. Worship is work, and those who worship are rewarded with riches. Liars and thieves are the scum of Haven. No punishment is too harsh for their kind.
  • Fire/Air: Khan, a lithe little humanoid that is as fickle as the flames she represents, and as hard to catch as the wind.She fancies certain people, but accepts no worship from those she hasn't chosen.
  • The Nameless one: Once known as the God of death, it was broken and defeated by Daziira, cast down in shame. It's name and form are now forgotten.

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