The Great Steppes (Carallion Supplement)

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The traditional homeland of the Urak. These plains stretch for thousands of miles and form the barrier between the West and the Eastern Lands.

The Urak nomads live in this harsh environment, tending their Rahal herds. Each Urak clan has its own Hold, a retreat in times of danger and winter. Holds are circular buildings that can hold a hundred individuals and their Rahal herds. The central area is covered by a roof and holds the animals relatively dry and safe, while the Urak live in the circle of buildings around it. Most are made of mud-bricks surrounded by a dry moat and are refuges. At any time they hold a dozen or two individuals who maintain the building and guard what few posessions the Clan has, while the rest of the Clan travels the steppes.

Humans also inhabit the steppes and while they lack the hardiness of the Urak, they have adapted and tend to horses rather than the obstinate Rahal. Many Steppe inhabitants have typical eastern features and are of shorter build than the Men from Ärenn. Competition between Urak and Humans has become fiercer as Humans encroach on traditional Urak lands. Some Urak, driven from their homelands have moved to the northern forests, where their resillience allows them to survive more easily than Humans.


The former capital of Hatlis Khan, the mighty leader who led the Urak Invasion into Ärenn. Built by architects and artisans from lands invaded by the Urak hordes, it is slowly falling into disuse as the once great horde has fallen apart after the death of Hatlis and the various clans have returned to their traditional lands. Somewhat crude in comparison with other great capitals, Khanadr is a good example of the Urak outlook and mentality.

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