The Godpact (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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                                 The Summoning
    To summon the Godmeld, one must offer six hundred golden pieces, a Godmeld Coin, the bone of a Devil, a Dragon's Scale, and ten platinum
points. A chant must be performed, and sixteen human sacrifices must be killed. The entire event will last forty eight hours or more, and will
cost the spellcaster sixty thousand experience points and all of his spell slots. He must be level twenty.
                                 The Godmeld
    The Godmeld must be summoned in an open space due to his massive size. He is a roiling black mass, taking up the space of a Colossal being
and cannot be blown away. His eyes glow ten times brighter than the moon, and are bright red. His body vaguely resembles his caster. He has no
voice, as he speaks directly into the mind.        
    The Godmeld is Chaotic Evil. He requires great respect, lest he leave and never return, and for his boon, must be paid sixty thousand gold
coins, an ounce of a Deity's blood, or a Godmeld Gem.
                                 His Boon and Marks
    If the Godmeld is paid his price, he will give the caster or his chosen proxy a powerful spell; The Godpact Wish. It allows the caster to
give life to anything within reason. He can turn a corpse into a living creature or zombie, all signs of death erased or some remaining. This
spell expends five gold pieces and can have as many targets as desired within 1,000 feet. Another example of this spells effect would be to
create a being or race. This effect costs about a hundred pounds of any material per ten pounds in that being. The caster decides the shape,
behavior, etc., of this being.
    Dealing with the Godmeld leaves a devastating and irreversible mark. The dealer loses all feeling, and therefore must succeed on a DC 15
Perception Check to update their hitpoints. The DM must keep track of that NPC or Player Character's Hitpoints. This effect does not take place
if the caster has a Godmeld Gem, as these absorb the excess energy of the Godmeld. 
    But the Godmeld does leave one unavoidable mark; The caster's hand is shrouded in a dark black smoke. The caster chooses his hand, and once
he has made a Pact with the Godmeld, he may never again make a pact with another demon.

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