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Axiomatic wielders of the power fueled by godlike machine-minds.

Your patron is a powerful entity from a mechanical plane or other dimension. Almost godlike in power and mythical in existence, your patron has bestowed upon you the means to carry out its enigmatic will.

The Gearminds' servants may be warlocks with a peculiar patron, that of one of the whirring, clicking entities of Mechanus. In most cases, an enhanced is a righteous, law-abiding individual who suffer's some form of ignominious or horrific near death; the servants of Mechanus collect the poor soul, craft him a new, powerful body, and bestow upon him great power. Rarely, they will offer a sprig of divine inspiration to one who has lost all hope, and that inspiration allows the chosen one to craft the means to change his life.

The Heart of the Gearmind's mechanics are not entirely well understood. While some claim a rational, scientific understanding of its inner workings, others claim a transcendent connection to The Gearmind– that it is a powerful being, a construct of immense design that embodies itself through those who carry the Heart.

Whatever the case may be, the Gearminds are uniformly odd and alien when viewed by common folk, seeming to share much more in common with golems than man.

Expanded Spell List[edit]

The Gearmind Patron lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you. Work with DM for "*" I was thinking it would be modrons instead of elementals.

Gearmind Expanded Spells[edit]

Spell Level Spells
1st shield, identify
2nd enhance ability, heat metal, scorching ray
3rd haste, lightning bolt
4th greater invisibility, fabricate
5th animate object, modify memory

Summon Armor[edit]

At level 1, you gain the ability to summon a suit of armor. As a bonus action, this armor appears on your person, fitted and ready to go. You are proficient with this armor, it has no strength requirement, and you suffer no drawbacks from sleeping in this armor.

It always appears as a full or partial-body suit of fully-sealed plate armor made of some alien material, but its ability to protect you grows as your warlock level grows. You may dismiss your armor as a bonus action. You may summon any version of your armor for which you meet the level prerequisite.

Should you obtain another suit of magical armor, you may integrate its abilities into your armor plating; doing so requires a ritual that requires 8 hours, after which your armor plating becomes that armor. You may only integrate one magical suit of armor at a time, and you must still attune to it, if required.

Warlock Level Armor Class Armor Type
1st 15 + Dex Mod (max. 2) Medium
5th 16 + Dex Mod (max. 2) Medium
9th 18 Heavy
13th 19 Heavy

Probability Matrix[edit]

Starting at 6th level, your mental capacity receives a profound upgrade. Following a short or long rest you gain proficiency in 3 skills you aren't proficient in or half your proficiency to 3 skills you are proficient in.

Additionally, your patron offers you the chance to augment your intelligence at the cost of your emotions. Upon reaching 6th level, you may swap your Intelligence score and your Charisma score; this process takes 24 hours, and is permanent. Should you choose this, your pact magic, invocations, and all other warlock features that utilize Charisma now instead use Intelligence instead.


Beginning at level 10, you begin the process of integrating your equipment into your body.

Your armor becomes integrated into your body.

- You gain resistance to all non-magical piercing and slashing damage.

- +1 AC.

You also integrate the weapons, and other equipment you hold in your hands.

- Your weapons now count as a Spell Casting Implements.

- You cannot be disarmed.

- You may cast a Cantrip as a bonus action after successfully hitting an enemy with a melee attack.

Total Mechanization[edit]

By 14th level, you are more machine than man. You gain immunity to being blinded, deafened, and exhaustion. You gain resistance to psychic damage, and resistant to the poisoned condition and poison damage. You are also immune to disease. You stop aging, and you are immune to being magically aged. In addition to your other types, you now gain the Construct type.

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