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Game King Patron[edit]

Warlock Subclass A pact formed with an ancient spirit of a lost civilization based on the playing of games. Through the use of the so-called dark games it was possible to inflict tremendous punishments upon those that lose. The spirits have since been placed in objects of that civilization and exert power through holders in the modern world often bringing out darker sides of their users, sometimes splitting their personality in two.

Game King Expanded Spell List

1st Detect Evil and Good, Comprehend Languages

2nd Detect Thoughts, Locate Object

3rd Conjure Animals, Summon Lesser Demons

4th Conjure Woodland Beings, Charm Monster

5th Conjure Elemental, Synaptic Static

Knowledge of Games

Starting at 1st level you gain proficiency in 2 gaming sets of your choice.

Penalty Game

Your Patron is a master of playing games and through dark games you can inflict punishments upon your opponent. Starting at 1st level you can use your action to expend a spell slot and challenge another creature that has int higher than 8 and that you share a language with to a game, you can only challenge an individual creature once per week. Your opponent must make a wisdom save against your spell save DC, if it passes it can set the terms of the game or choose to refuse, otherwise you may set the terms. A game can involve either contested checks in a gaming set or athletics, acrobatics or history performed as best of 3 or anything else your DM deems reasonable. The winner of the game can then choose a penalty game for the opponent from among these or something else of a similar level:

•Take 2d8 times the level of the spellslot expended psychic, poison or fire damage.

•Cause them to see or hear a persistent hallucination of whatever you wish. This can cause something to be seen as something else or feel the presence of something that doesn’t exist. This lasts for 8 hours times the level of the spellslot expended.

•Cause them to be under the effect applied by being in a zone of truth for a number of minutes equal to the spellslot expended.

•Require the performance of a particular task that is not directly harmful to the loser or their allies such as letting them into a locked building or give an object. They will perform it to the best of their ability within their next round.

Power of Darkness

Starting at 6th level you have an increased knowledge of your surroundings as your strategic mind is sharpened. You gain proficiency in perception and investigation. Also you can communicate with all magical creatures, regardless of languages known so long as they possess at least one.

Summon Powerful Monsters

Starting at 10th level you cannot have your concentration on conjuration spells broken by damage, also when you cast Conjure Elemental you can cast it instead of an arcanum spell to treat it as that level of spell. You also gain additional creatures you can summon based on the level cast as shown below:

5th Drow Elite Warrior, Gladiator that does 2d6 additional damage to dragons

6th Mammoth that is treated as an undead, Chimera

7th Young Black Dragon

8th Young Blue Dragon

9th Bone devil, Male human evoker

Control of Destiny

Upon reaching 14th level your patron has become so integrated with you it can influence destiny itself. You gain advantage on all checks made with game sets. Also when inflicting a penalty game, once per long rest you can inflict the effect of feeblemind on the loser.

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