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One Day in Eastfield[edit]

Klaus leaned on the fence and stared across the unused lands by the river at the odd figure climbing slowly up the bank. "Ledo, who's that beggar over there trying to climb out of the gully?" Ledo strolled up to the fence separating their property and shielded his eyes. "Looks like a king or something, judging by that fancy getup. What the haymaker is a man like that doing struggling in the mud?" Klaus scratched his chin, pondering the situation. "Search me, there's not much out here any of those politicians could want. Think we should help?" Leto, ever the wise one, shook his head and returned to his work. "Nah, let him climb. Whatever his purpose, he probably wouldn't like us intruding. And life's too short anyways."

Forever Stones[edit]

These minor artifacts are a ten-set of specially enchanted, gigantic diamonds forged by magic at the hands of Baron Zensora as reparations for the assassination of Redeye. The only concrete location of any of them is of the one that will prove nearly impossible to get- the one in the Crown of Madness. Directly going after the gems is not advised, as the only one with information as to their whereabouts is King Jacinus himself, and he isn't talking.

However, it is possible to stumble across the gems' hiding places while running about Ricasa. Three, counting the Crown Jewel, are located in Canadia on the persons of high-ranking, powerful NPCs. The rest are purportedly scattered across the other countries of Ricasa, as well as being less heavily guarded (but still heavily guarded).

It is hard to mistake the Forever Stones for any lesser jewel. Each is a heavily cornered emerald-cut diamond about two inches in height and an inch across, with an oddly dark hue to it. Other than the four owned by the aformentioned NPC's, none are set in any form of jewelry.

The Stones are long-term items. When in the posession of any person or creature, they emit a short-range field (about 1 inch out from the holder's person) of powerful magical energy that basically halts all the effects of time on the holder, thus conferring immortality. But it comes at a price. If the holder ever loses the Stone, the effects of aging come back with a backlash, much like the effects of returning from a timeless plane.

While the Stones have no immediate use to most adventurers, who are concerned largely with the present rather than the future, they can be used in other ways with immediate effects. For example, if one of the Stones is held when the holder returns from a timeless plane, the usual aging backlash is negated. They can also be used to lessen the effects of time travel and certain spells.

One final thing to note is that the Forever Stones only defend against aging. They do not provide invulnerability- that is up to the player to provide. Sickness, combat, bad music, all these will still be very effective at killing the holder.

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