The Faceless One (3.5e Deity)

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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a mask
Home Plane: unknown
Alignment: true neutral
Portfolio: changelings
Clergy Alignments: none
Domains: Changeling, Trickery, Community
Favored Weapon: sap
Jeff the faceless.png

The Faceless One is the embodiment of the Changeling. He can show himself in any identity. If he is depicted, usually only in the highest circles, he is shown as an androgynous humanoid figure with a blank slate as a face.

"Faceless One" is only a common denominator, it is generally accepted that the deity either does not have a name, chooses not to disclose it or just assumes any name it sees fit.


The faceless one can be everyone and he is everyone. Treat each changeling alike, for he is you and you are him and you all are the deity.

Since Changelings are persecuted everywhere their only chance for survival is cooperation.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Since Changelings are a marginalized minority everywhere they cannot afford their own luscious temples. Instead, the backroom of an inn, the basement of a manor, even the temple of another deity can become a hall of worship when the community gathers.

All changelings who take part in mass are expected to drop their disguises and appear in their true face. During mass, any believer can assume the role as priest and lead the worship. He will usually assume a certain face, which is them mimicked by all the others. Apart from the religious meaning, this also has practical meanings. It established a sense of community, and it makes it very difficult for non-Changelings to sneak in.

History of the Faith[edit]

Little is known. It is speculated that the cult of the Faceless One is as old as the Changeling race itself. It's political workings naturally remain hidden, and it is hard to separate the cult from other Changeling groups like the Cabinet and their workings.

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