The Evanescent Realm (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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The Evanescent Realm[edit]

The material world we, as people, are most familiar with. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, this realm also acts as a crossover point between The Dark and The Dream: a means for beings of those very separate realms to interact.

Most often called “the mortal realm”, “the waking world”, or simply “The Land”. The world of Sanctuary’s Lot is dominated by a single, vaguely spiral-shaped supercontinent arching into the world’s northern hemisphere, dotted with smaller islands throughout its shoreline. The continent, called “Torrumn” in the Ezers Rhaime, clutches the Immure Ocean to its interior coastal regions with The Dormant Ocean circumscribing the world to the east and west of its outer coasts.

Religious doctrine (supported by some ancient documents) suggests that the world once also possessed a smaller continent in the southern hemisphere that was annihilated (sunken, one presumes) during the Visitation.

Always worth mentioning; if geographic material gleaned from scant, pre visitation records are to be believed, then the world’s primary landmass is terrifyingly unrecognizable compared to its configuration prior to the Strangers’ eruption into this plane of existence. The 23rd century (a.s.) historian-magician resceptor Kassandra Blaise Alwend theorized massive tectonic upheaval alone could not account for the alteration, considering its scope. Rather, she posited, the brutal influence on space-time itself by the physical manifestations of the gods from the Dark account (at least in part) for the otherwise inconceivable geographic transfiguration.

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