The Earth Empire and Vasuda (Tiberium Rising Supplement)

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This addendum is for those who have opted to use my Ruins of the Earth Empire setting, which says that in time immemorial, an empire of humanity spanned the galaxy, then collapsed due to a plague. If you haven't yet adopted this setting, feel free to peruse this and see how it can fit into a campaign.

The Scrin → The Rescriminate[edit]

The Rescriminate, in its ceaseless quest to destroy the remnants of the Earth Empire, have weaponized the technology it uses to convert any form of matter into something they can work with: namely, Tiberium. The Rescriminate first seeds a planet with the nanites, then moves in to harvest the crystal and eliminate any survivors.

The Tacitus[edit]

Perhaps the last artifact of the Earth Empire to survive the Darkness, this device is a recorder which contains the Earth Empire's knowledge of the Rescriminate, with a focus on the weaponized nanites which produce Tiberium. Fortunately for the Vasudans, the Empire's nanites can be used to access the information stored in the Tacitus, provided they can find the appropriate command words and gestures


The crystal has been perfected by the Rescriminate to serve its manufacturing needs. The nanites spread as far as they possibly can, and convert all available matter into the green crystal. Given enough time and the appropriate resources (large amounts of water and heat), the nanites will further refine the Tiberium crystals into more potent forms, causing the observed "evolution" of the crystal. As for the anti-magic effect of Tiberium, the nanites produce a limited EMP effect. While this is negligible with few of the nanites, at a certain critical mass, they can disable any nearby Empire nanites, preventing any use of their "magical" effects.


The Immortal Survivors of the Earth Empire know the crystal's relation to the Rescriminate, and thus know Tiberium must be eliminated before it destroys their only method to fight against the Rescriminate, as well as their only method of communication with their . . . worshippers.

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