The Dragon Empires (Carallion Supplement)

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The Dragon Empires[edit]

These distant and mysterious lands are ruled by Emperors and rulers who claim to be descendants of Dragons though in many cases this bloodline runs very thin and most rulers have only minor Dragonblood attributes. It is feared that once the Dragon's blood runs out, the Empires will fall.


The largest and greatest of the Dragon Empires. Qinthay is slowly crumbling as the central authority of the Emperor is now challenged by the many Shoguns and warlords battling for supremacy. The current Dragon Emperor Yingpu is but a child while the Dowager Empress Yehenara and her courtisans rule in his name.

There are claims that Yehenara has no actual claim to the throne and that she lacks the Dragon Blood legacy of the true emperors and merely has that of a snake. She is a cruel woman who believes she is the only person who can stop the empire from collapsing. Many believe she is being manipulated by Ikou Shingyen, an ambitious Shogun slowly consolidating his power.

Some believe that a true descendant of the Dragon Emperor still lives and rumors abound of a group of 108 outlaws is lead by this claimant to the throne.



The Immortal Islands[edit]

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