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The City of Docacea[edit]


Docacea (Duh•kay•sha•) is by far the most advanced city in the country, if not the world, a perfect storm of high quantities of natural resources, a newly established governmental system, a branch of the Muscle Wizardry Society taking root, and companies and scientists flocking to the area have drastically improved the quality of life for all its 40 000 inhabitants.

Rudimentary steam engines are in the process of being developed in Docacea, with a (currently government only) carriage making constant rounds of the city, people suspect that a number of civilian engines will soon be unveiled. Additionally, the amount of coal and the surrounding forest give a wealth of combustible energy that is being harnessed in factories, homes and schools.

Additionally, and out of necessity, Docacea has the most advanced legal system out of any of the four cities. Such a quick burst in population, coupled with space that can't be developed as quickly as it needs to be, mean that the population is densely packed. This has lead to a fairly dramatic rise in crime, specifically in the youth of the city, as unregulated, profit driven factory work means that many of the workers are either killed, or maimed in such a way as to no longer be able to provide for their family.

History and Architecture[edit]

A massive and devestating fire 126 years ago destroyed almost all of the buildings of the city. After this event, the local government tried to find a better flameproof and more reconstructable way of building. It was at this point that the MWS forcefully entered the country to offer help, against the wishes of Former King Matìas. But knowing that he stood no chance against their forces, he begrudgingly let them in.

Consequently, with the help of the government forces and the MWS, the city was restored, and built back largely out of red bricks, lined with cobblestone roads and built in an ergonomic and easily memorable grid-like pattern. It's very common for buildings to have gears, pistons or pipes extending behind the commercial buildings, as a way to operate mechanical equipment like doors, coolers and factory equipment.

The people of Docacea are incredibly varied and diverse in all aspects, given that it was the first are in the country to allow outsiders (the MWS), and while it was only one group, it primed the populous to be more readily accepting of foreign influences, swiftly rocketing the city into a cultural hotspot and intellectual gold mine. Such a pronounced presence in the country has resulted in the city being a spiritual second capital of Beachblush.

The Muscle Wizardry Society[edit]

The Muscle Wizardry Society, or MWS, have a very strong presence in Docacea. Along with raising funds for the rebuilding of the city, they own a public fight club for sparring that practices honorable combat of all sorts. It costs 6 silver a month, half of which go to the society, and half of which go to various charitable causes across the city.

Their local schooling division has 40 professors, 132 students and practices the society's usual intense training regimen and admittance test. Given that Muscle Wizardry (or kinetisism) is so difficult on the body, so much so that it could kill or severely injure an unprepared individual within weeks, as is standard for the MWS, the teachings of the school are kept completely secret for the safety of the public.

However, the charitable side of the Society is much more open. Meetings are held regularly and open to the public as long as seating is available, where topics such as fundraising and new projects are brought up and respectful discourse is open to anybody present.

Notable Shops[edit]

The Gunman's Perch: A military supply store that sells crossbows, bows, munitions, medical supplies, camping gear, and food and drink. One of two permits are required to buy, a mercenary's permit or a military permit (military gives access to certain higher tier objects, and wartime restrictions don't apply). Run by a surprisingly friendly veteran Red Dragonborn called Kleltheleduar Qelkris. The Spilled Tankard A fairly cozy, fairly cheap tavern/hostile. Instead of rooms, there's a hall with 12 bunk beds (24 beds total). Both the food and the lodgings are cheap, but lacking in privacy. Run by a kobold called Rob, who will always offer "kobold surprise" but never explain what it is, it costs 10 gold.

Business, Exports and Reputation[edit]

The primary exports of the city of Docacea are metals, minerals and medicines of various degrees. Through proper infrastructure being developed, trade with their various materials has largely contributed to the immense wealth of the area. On top of this, the coal, wood and materials that are so abundant in the area a primary factor in how the city was able to advance at such a quick rate.

Given that the city has such a varied group of inhabitants, the businesses that it supports are varied and abundant. However, many of the working class will have manufactory jobs, these will often be daylight hours, and breaks are seldom permitted. With all the legal advancements in the other parts of the city, this has lead some people to believe that the owners of the factory may be paying off the police and even the larger government. It is nearly impossible to find a private construction company in the city due to the city's strict laws on the construction of buildings and structures. Thusly, anybody who is interested in buying land, constructing a house, or expanding their property must go through the official government construction company or face significant fines or even jail time.

Externally, the perception of Docacea is mostly positive. The fact that the city has historically been open to foreigners, even if to a limited degree, has helped the outside world develop its perception of the city more than most of the others in the country. The people of Docacea have a mostly untrue reputation of being abrasive and rushed, however, other than that it is a fairly popular city, especially for the academically inclined, as Docacea is home to a variety of universities like the Uyousia School of Advanced Spellcraft, and the Furroth Abberdeen University.

Noteable Docacean NPCs[edit]

Bradley Armstrong: Bradley Armstrong is the elderly human headmaster of the Docacean branch of the Muscle Wizardry Society. He is fiercely driven to do what he feels is right for the city he has lived in since he was a boy. After being accepted into the muscle wizardry school, he was determined to rise through the ranks so that he could aid the people of his home town. He is noble, caring, and a terrifyingly powerful muscle wizard, but has been criticized for his tendency to covertly break the rules in certain acts of vigilante justice.

Jonathan Havarti: Jonathan Havarti is the current mayor of the city, a Wood Elf who was born in Central City. However, when he was 84, his parents, who were trying to start a rebellion against the dictator, were killed, leaving him and his sister to fend for themselves, a family friend in Docacea took him in and he has spent the rest of his life in the city. Now at the age of 654, he considers himself to be spiritually a Docacean. He has spent his life working up the ranks of the government, partially to gain power for himself, and partially to help lead his people and continue to advance his city. He is a pipe smoker, who will often smoke from a very ornate pipe.

Casey Middleton: Casey Middleton is the Genasi leader of a group of activists known as the Sigil Reapers trying to establish a hierarchical system that places the most powerful magic users on top. The Sigil Reapers have rediscovered sigil magicks, an ancient form of casting spells that allows magic to be imbued onto objects. The Sigil Reapers believe that society has become too dependent on technology, and want to reestablish simplicity by having the most powerful arcanists take over leadership. While the group was initially more focused on covert operations, tensions are beginning to rise in her group due to the rise of Argunim Tympan, an artificer who seemingly came out of nowhere and has been rapidly introducing new tech to the masses. Over the last nine years, she and her group have started to resort to more violent means of getting people's attention. Rumours that she's working with city officials to destabilize the city and seize power have recently begun to take hold weight among the general populous. With that said, the more innocent Casey that formed the Sigil Reapers hasn't completely disappeared, Casey is notoriously good with children and will often use illusion magic to try and cheer up sad youth by creating images of animals, and storytelling. She also has a sweet tooth and her time can be bought for a bag of boiled candies.

Ellie Wolfe: The chief of police in Docacea, Ellie Wolfe was the earliest female officer in the city (a male only rule was in place until the destruction of the dictatorship), allowed into the force as an exception when she showed bravery in the face of danger after rescuing the head of the MWS, Bradley Armstrong, who, by way of repaying a life debt, was able to "strong-arm" the weak-willed chief of the time and have her excepted 10 years before any other female officers had been permitted. She was able to quickly rise through the ranks, and became the chief of police after only 18 years, and has been managing the city for 6 years now. She is a centaur with short, cropped, orange hair (beginning to grey on the sides), green eyes and freckles dotting her face. She joined the force at 22, and is currently 46 years old. While fundamentally optimistic, her years of police work are beginning to wear on her, after a recent violent protest by the Arcane Expressionists, she is losing sleep, and becoming increasingly irritable. For DM's eyes only: This irritability is the result of a curse placed on her by a member of the Arcane Expressionists that, over a period of about a year, will slowly cause her to lose sleep until she dies of exhaustion. The right spell or check will allow the party to notice this.

Lilian Alrul: A high-elf with long brown hair and elegant features, as well as the current heir to the Alrul family; a rich family that made their fortune in dealings with every party they could. A few generations ago, Terence and Lily Alrul were found to have been dealing with the monarchy, the underground guild, and the MWF at the same time, mainly involved in the creation and exporting of enchanted items. This news certainly impacted their reputation, but there are few problems that healthy bribes and hush money can't solve. After both of their parents fell ill, Lilian Alrul took over the business operations of their family, though their business partners noticed a more strict adherence to the law after Lilian's taking the company. Lilian themself doesn't often appear in public, and will usually converse through emissaries, this combination has lead to a confused perception of the Alrul family in the modern business world. Some say that Lilian is trying to right the wrongs of their family's history, others say that they've been poisoning their parents slowly in a bid to take over the family business and gain control. One thing is sure: Lilian Alrul has more power than almost anyone else in Docacea.

Docacean Towns[edit]


475 years old, 1130 people

Frostshine is the coldest of the Docacean towns, being close enough that on a clear day it's inhabitants can see the Wall of Repulsion. During Autumn and Spring, dew collects on the ground for the better part of the morning, giving the whole town an almost mirror like sheen, it's a highly regarded tourist attraction.

Frostshine's Principal is a half Elf by the name of Silvestri Giniah, a middle aged woman with dark features, who often dresses in wine red robes. She once was in a relationship with the current King.


1015 years old, 5600 people

Hemdren was the first town to be rebuilt after Lucio the Tyrant's attempt at destroying all the cities and towns in Beachblush. As such it has had a lot of time to develop and has become a hotspot for merchants and travellers to meet up.

The Principal of Hemdren is a Beachblush Warforged called Commander, who was appointed by King Lucio himself, but after Lucio's death, a rebel faction found Commander and convinced him to work for the betterment of the people, since then it has been his mission to grow Hemdren into the 5th city of Beachblush.


352 years old, 3270 people

Feygrass was founded when a group of people discovered that the soil around the Feywoods was so rich in nutrients, stone free, and easily malleable that it made for perfect farmland, this and subsequent settlements nearby are responsible for a huge amount of the produce found around the country.

Given their similar goals, the towns of Feygrass, Willowstock, Huttah, Civil and Shorden all act within a counsel comprised of two elders from each town, they meet every month on the second Endes and are known as the Council of the People.


119 years old, 650 people

The town of Harshton is a sister town to Lushville, it was created at the same time as part of a bet between King Mathias Santiago and his chief adviser on who could make a better town (Santiago lost, and the chief advisor was killed). Even though given its geographical location, Harshton is warmer and slightly more tropical than Lushville, Lushville has a slightly higher population which many think is because of its more inviting name.

The Principal of Harshton is a an elderly human woman as Marybell Swender. She was originally reveared in Harshton for her curry making skills, however she also showed immense skill and leadership and through her guidance, the town, as well as its sister town have grown well.


351 years old, 1280 people

Willowstock is one of the other towns created of the the people of Feygrass discovered the local soil's properties. Like all the towns created by the residents of Feygrass, its leaders are a group of the Council of the People and are rotated out on a semi-regular basis.

Willowstock specifically is known for its lush and abundant apple, cherry and iochoke orchards, which are shipped across the country.


63 years old, 1480 people

Seabreeze is located above and to the west of the Docacea. It is a beach town that catches the last of the warm front from the southwest, and has made a popular destination for those looking to escape the bustle of the Docacean city life. It's close enough to Docacea that people with family there can still visit, but has a more tranquil, relaxed environment, and is surrounded with fields of flowers both intentionally and accidentally grown.

The leader of Seabreeze is Beasley Bonel, an eloquent half orc who manages the city from his family estate. When he's not working for the city, he channels his passion for adventuring in his oil paintings of fantastical lands, hoping one day to go out into the world and see it for himself.


348 years old, 973 people

Huttah is one of the town's formed from Feygrass. It's positioning next to so many other towns gives it an advantage in trade and export.


336 years old, 690 people

Civil is one of the towns involved in the Council of the People. It's people are known to be hard workers and strict individuals who follow the rules of the region to the letter. As such, it is often considered a death wish for people with bounties on their heads to try and seek refuge there.


325 years old, 452 people

Shorden is the newest Town involved in the Council, although its population grew more slowly than the other towns, it is now reaching a point where some of the townsfolk are considering leaving and beginning a new town. It is an anomaly in the area because of its high amount of cloud coverage.


132 years old, 950 people

Wellfest is one of the more stand-offish towns in the country. While not necessarily being the farthest away from civilization, it's people never fully got on board with the new monarchy, and prefer to keep to themselves. Travelers sometimes find this attitude unwelcoming and cold, and as such it's just not get as much tourist activity has some of the other town. With that said, the town is located on very fertile soil, so the crops it grows do have a well-known reputation.

The Principal of Wellfest is a Drow known as Tavorka Shintop, a refugee from Hishtoroth, Greater Illromov who escaped through stowing away on fishing boats. She is a somewhat enigmatic leader who struggles to fully gain the trust of her people.

Docacean Geography[edit]

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