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"Uhm. How long is it going to continue staring at me?"
"Oh, don't pay him any mind. He just finds you fascinating, is all."
"Yeah? Then why can't it find anyone fascinating other than me? It's been staring the last couple hours and I'm starting to feel ill at ease."
"Ha! You should feel honored, my friend. Very few catch the attention of a Devoid. Those that do are truly remarkable!"
"But why does it keep staring at me with those empty eyes?"
"Oh, you didn't know? You're his obsession! He's trying to become you!"

-A common interaction when introducing a Devoid.

Physical Description[edit]

The Devoid are wretched, cursed humanoids with ghostly white, rubbery skin, usually standing a good two feet or so above the average human. The most have the figure of one who is malnourished, being little more than living skeletons with skin, but those who's obsession centers around strength have been known to gain a more burly figure. Their torsos are abnormally small, their height being attributed to their long, lanky limbs. The legs and arms of the average Devoid are about one and a half times as long as the average human. They posses no organs of any kind and their bones are clearly visible through their skin. They posses large skeletal hands and feet, with long spindly fingers and toes. The most notable feature of any Devoid is its head. Many Devoid have nearly spherical heads (Use Jack Skellington as reference) with eyes that seem to be empty holes. The strangest thing are their mouths. Although many don't have a mouth at all, some have mouths that are fixed in a permanent position, such as a grin or frown. Some have mouths that are asymmetrical. Some have mouths that are grown partly or completely shut. If they do have a mouth, it's usually filled with rows of razor sharp teeth, akin to a shark. They never use them to attack, unless their obsession has a habit of biting while fighting. Some are known to place colored lights inside their skulls, effectively giving themselves glowing eyes and mouths.


The history of The Devoid is a dark one. The first Devoid was a normal farmer, who cultists decided would be the perfect sacrifice for their god. The god rejected him, however, and instead corrupted him with his power, warping him into the first Devoid. After killing all the cultists, the first Devoid fled underground. The god's power had robbed him of his body, personality and soul, although his mind and memories stayed intact. Seeking the humanity he had lost, the first Devoid started searching for a cure. He never found one and descended into madness. Becoming no more than a rabid animal, he plagued the surrounding area, killing anything he came across. Until he met a old man on a bench, one day. The old man didn't run. He didn't even flinch. He merely glanced at the Devoid, before turning back. Curious, the Devoid stalked towards the old man. Turning his head towards where the man was looking, he found himself looking at a busy marketplace full of people. "I don't know what you are, friend, but let me share my little hobby with you. I love watching people. How they walk, talk, eat, laugh. I know some may find it strange, but at my age you need something to occupy yourself. And seeing people enjoy life is how I choose to waste my time." The old man smiled contently and went back to watching. Intrigued, the Devoid started watching too. Months passed. The Devoid never did anything. He merely watched. And after he saw the people put on masks during a festival, he came to this revelation: "Even if I don't have my humanity anymore, I can surely fake it!" After that, instead of watching, he started studying, observing the towns people. For 5 years he studied, observed, obsessed on how to be human. On how to gain humanity. Finally, he stole some clothes, stood upright and started mingling with the townspeople. Needless to say, the response was less than welcoming. But his offspring still roam the Multiverse, always seeking their own obsession, so he must have done something right.


Having no society of their own, The Devoid merely wander, tending to avoid violence and instead passively observe and study their environment. Until they find their obsession. Then they adopt the views, morals and mannerisms of that person and exaggerate them to the extreme in a vain attempt to mimic humanity. Thus most beings find Devoid unsettling and they are usually avoided. Although there have been numerous cases of Devoid living peacefully with other beings, there are just as many where the Devoid would become the epitome of evil. It all depends on what person they make their obsession.

Devoid Names[edit]

Devoid are "born" without names. Thus they use the names given to them by others. They sometimes reject a name due to personal preference, but they usually don't care. Devoid are also gender-less, but some identify as male or female.

Male: Any combination of male names from any race.

Female: Any combination of female names from any race.

Devoid Traits[edit]

Soulless humanoids searching for their humanity.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma decreases by 2, your Intelligence decreases by 1, while your Wisdom increases by 3 but cannot go over 20.
Age. A Devoid is "born" when a Devoid decides it wants to procreate. To start, The Devoid absorbs the life force of a living being into it's belly. Whether this kills the living being is for the Devoid to decide. After 2 months, the Devoid gives birth by expelling the infant out of its mouth. The infant then ages rapidly and reaches adulthood within a month. Although they biologically live until about 200, a Devoid without an obsession is as good as dead.
Alignment. Without an obsession, a Devoid has no alignment. It merely passively observes and searches for its obsession. But as soon as they find it, they take that person's ethics, beliefs and morality to the extremes, meaning they can never be neutral in any way.
Size. Your size is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Eternal Watcher. You are always watching. Always studying. Always obsessing. You are proficient in the Perception Skill.
Twisted Body. You can detach your bone joints at will, effectively enabling you to stretch your limbs to twice their original length. You can do this once every hour, doubling your melee attack range and increasing your speed to 40 feet. After 1 minute, you become tired and need to wait for 10 minutes for your bones to reattach. During this period, you have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.
Obsession. You fixate on a person. You adopt their way of thinking and try to mimic them in a vain attempt to gain humanity. Your obsession is who you are. Everything you do is based on it. It can never be changed and it can never be forced. You must want to be that person with your whole being by your own volition. Not even gods or magic can force you to obsess. You have proficiency in three additional skills, granted that they are attributed to your class' primary ability (for example a bard may gain proficiency in three additional charisma skills). If you are proficient in all skills pertaining to your class' primary ability, you may then use the remaining proficiencies to become proficient in any item(s), granted that the item(s) is obviously related to your class (for example a wizard would obviously use something magical).
Voice of Silence. After eons of silently watching, your race has lost the ability to use their vocal chords. The best you can do is wheeze. You have disadvantage on all throws involving speech.
Ventriloquist Dummy. You are unable to use spells with the verbal component on your own. Instead, you must teach the incantation to a willing ally. This ally must be within 5 feet of you and must be able to talk for you when you want to cast the desired spell.
Restless. You never truly rest. You merely mimic what you see others do. Therefore you only gain half the healing benefit from a short rest that isn't longer then 3 hours. You gain full benefit of a full rest if it is more then 4 hours.
Hollow Body. You have no organs of any kind. You do not need to eat, drink or breath. You can, but there are no benefits in doing so.
Languages. You can understand, read and write Common, plus two additional languages of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Devoid Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
7′ 0″ +2d6 60 lb. × (1d4) lb.

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