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The Deep Curse[edit]

Your "Patron" did not grant you power, you were cursed. Your Patron's power was left on you after you fell into their realm and/or they attempted to kill you. By some uncanny stroke of luck or incredible misfortune, you survived. You now bear untapped eldritch power left by your Patron's assault simply waiting to unleash its true potential. You are permanently changed, bearing blackened veins, black fingers and multiple irises in each eye, creating a horrifying visage of one burned by a Great Old One's magic.

Deep Curse Spell List[edit]

Level 1: Detect Magic, Dissonant Whispers

Level 2: Alter Self, Detect Thoughts

Level 3: Blink, Slow

Level 4: Evard’s Black Tentacles, Polymorph

Level 5: Teleportation Circle, Telekinesis

Elder Flesh

Starting at 1st level, your spellcasting ability is now Constitution. Additionally, your Armor Class now is now equal to 13 + you Constitution modifier.

Elder One's Cursed Gift

Starting at 6th level your unnatural magic begins to truly develop. The first time you deal force damage with a spell on each turn, you may add your Constitution modifier to the damage roll. Also, you have Advantage on saving throws against spells that deal damage.

Twisted Form

At 10th level, you have resistance to Force damage. Additionally, your Armor Class is now equal to 15 + your Constitution modifier.

Black Sea

Starting at 14th level, you become an eldritch creature. Your creature type becomes aberration. You can also spread the curse to other creatures. As an action, you target a creature within 30 feet of you that you can see and/or hear and place an Eldritch Curse on them. The creature must pass a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC at the beginning of every turn or take 3d10 Force damage for 1 minute. You must finish a long rest to use this feature again.

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