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The Decks of Magic Gathering: Decks of great power, accessing another world's magic.

There are five Decks of Magic Gathering - Blue, Red, Green, Black and White. Each has unique powers, accessed by drawing a card from the deck. The deck has sixty cards, and the cards can only be reshuffled when two wielders of the Decks compete against eachother, and one wins. In this case, both decks are shuffled and teleported to a random location.

When a deck is found, the person who touches it first has seven cards begin floating around his head like ioun stones. If the wielder touches the deck to one of these cards within one year and before playing any cards, they are all shuffled back into the deck and six new cards are drawn. This can repeat, one less card being drawn, until no more cards are drawn. Drawn cards are indestructible, and can be used by touching them and saying their name. Then, once a year, a "turn" passes. Each turn, the wielder can play one land and any number of spells he can pay for. When drawing, roll d% to see what you draw, and reroll on 61-100.

If two wielders of Decks meet eachother, one is chosen to gain an additional turn. After that, they take turns playing until one is dead. Most creatures cannot act until one year after they are summoned. Gameplay follows the rules of Magic the Gathering.

The Decks

The Red deck represents fire, lightning, destruction, and emotion. It has the following cards: 24 Mountains. These are lands, and allow you to play other cards. Upon playing one, a massive, five-mile high red mountain appears beneath you, and you are lifted up to the top. 4 Goblin Warriors. This costs one mana, and summons a horde of a thousand 1st level goblins upon playing. Additionally, they can immediately attack. 4 Goblin Warchiefs. This costs two mana, and summons 5d4 20th level goblin leaders, who immediately inspire any other Goblins to be able to attack immediately and become 2nd level. 4 Goblin Mob Bosses. This costs three mana, and summons 5d4 20th level goblin mob bosses. Each turn, you may choose to either double the number of goblins you have (except the Mob Bosses) or have these goblins attack. 4 Lightning Bolts. This costs one mana, and summons an enormous bolt of lightning, dealing 100d6 in a horizontal, 1 mile wide, 50 mile long bolt. Additionally, it is unnerring, hitting anything it targets without any difficulty. 4 Chain Lightnings. This costs one mana, and is identical to a Lightning Bolt, except that it is a Chain Lightning spell that spans gaps of less than 1 mile with a maximum 50 mile radius of destruction. 4 Goblin Lackeys. This costs one mana, and summons a hundred 1st level goblin recruiters, who allow you to play a goblin card for free upon attacking anything. 4 Goblin Instigators. Identical to Recruiters, except it costs two mana, gives 3rd level goblins, and allows you to play two goblin cards. 4 Goblin Shock Troopers. This costs one mana, and summons a horde of a thousand 3rd level goblins upon playing. Additionally, they can immediately attack. However, after attacking another wielder of a Deck, that wielder may reveal the top card of their deck, and play it if it is a land. 4 Goblin Commanders. This costs five mana, and summons fifty fifteenth level goblin commanders, who can throw any number of goblins in a round, dealing 10d6 damage upon hitting something.
Strong All Schools; CL 20; Weight: - lb.

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