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The Book Of Ages is the chronicle of time itself. Everything in the history of anything is recorded here, and anything that is written here is true, as is all that shall be written and is written to this day. To tamper with the the book is to control time to your whims, reversing failure, your own past, even bringing back the dead. If anything is written in the Book of Ages, the result is always true to the letter. With its power at your command, the Universe is yours to control, but it comes at a price: The repercussions of this act will undoubtably shape the entire universe, the most common being the Infinite Loop. For example, say you wrote a Deity out of existence. The result would be a change in history itself as any cosmos created by that deity, any deeds performed, any spells granted to clerics, and even the memory of the Deity are all ripped from the multiverse. But, if the deity is removed from History, then there would be no reason to erase him, as you cannot erase nothingness. Ergo, you would not have eliminated the Deity, which would leave the cosmos as-is.

In short, to those who can't plan ahead, the Book of Ages is good for very little, since it usually ends up in an Infinite Loop or some other Paradox.

The Book of Ages dwells at the heart of the Temporal Energy Plane, protected by the swirling plane itself, as well as a five-foot barrier that ages a creature to dust unless it succeeds on a successful Fortitude Save (DC 20)

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