The Banshee's Fate (4e Equipment)

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The Banshee's Fate (4e Equipment)

The Banshee's Fate Level 8+ Artifact
This adamantite mace is engraved with the faces of four screaming women who turned their backs upon their gods long ago. The eyes of the carvings glow red and the mouths open emitting horrific screams from the souls of the unfaithful trapped within the mace.
Level 8 +1 3600 gp Level 18 +4 +85000 gp
Level 10 +2 +5000 gp Level 22 +5 +325000 gp
Level 14 +3 +21000 gp Level 26 +6 +1125000 gp

Weapon: Mace
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 necrotic and psychic damage per plus, and you can choose to reroll any or all of your critical dice, but you must take the second result of each die.
♦ If you worship Anesthia, you can use this weapon as your holy symbol. It adds its enhancement bonus (but not its proficiency bonus) to attack rolls and damage rolls when used in this manner. If you do not worship Anesthia, you do not benefit from this weapon's property and cannot use this weapon's powers.
Power (Necrotic, Psychic) ♦ At-Will (Free Action)
All damage dealt by this weapon is necrotic and psychic damage. A free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Psychic) ♦ Daily (Free Action)
Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes 10 ongoing psychic damage (save ends) and is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Note: The Banshee's Fate is a holy relic of Anesthia, Goddess of Death, Keeper of Secrets. As an ancient weapon from the fourth age, it is given to a chosen follower of Anesthia to aid the fight against the enemies of the Faithful. The Banshee's Fate is a unique weapon which, when obtained, is level 8. To increase the magic of the item requires the use of a Create Magic Item ritual and the expense of residuum equaling the gold piece value shown above. Currently the Skullwarden, Riardon of Shi'ar wields the only one of these weapons. The secret of it's creation is held by the Clergy of Anesthia.

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