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The Amulet of Dragons[edit]

This amulet is in the shape of two dragons facing each other and grants the wearer immortality age wise and to be able to shift into a dragon of his/her choice and gender can be any size or type and they gain the stats accordingly except they get 50d20s +300 health and this health bonus is permanent whether thy have the amulet on or not and what it looks like is up to them including color [note color does not affect alignment or what type they are] requires the wearer to have at least a int of 10 and a str of 10 and while in this form your character if female can go in to a dragons heat cycle and can become pregnant with a another dragon if this happens they cannot shift back until after its done and they can get a female dragon pregnant if she is in heat only if female they must specify if they lay eggs or not aka live birth or eggs and if eggs they lay anywhere from 5 to 15 if live 2 to 6 young heat cycles happen once a in game month and does not affect the player wile in human form they can change what there dragon form looks like at will but they must meditate for an hour on what they want it to look like must be a actual dragon not a halve dragon and it can only be removed on death or by the wearer and the amulet disappears along with any equipment they have on them while in dragon form if they die in dragon form they just revert back to normal along with the amulet and equipment.


It is about the width and length of a ping pong ball but the thickness is about two quarters thick and is indestructible weighs about the same as two quarters and it cannot be knocked off ether.

An actual dragons opinion is as long as the "mortal" that has it doesn't abuse the power they generally don't mind the wearer unless they don't know you are shape shifted know they in this case they treat them as any other dragon and no one can tell the difference between you and a regular dragon not even other dragons the only way is if they see you transform otherwise only the god of dragons can tell and no other gods can tell the difference ever. all other gods can tell is something's not right about your soul like it doesn't match your body or something but they cant tell what you really are.


The amulet of dragons is a amulet made by the god of dragons his name is Alltund he lives in the astral plane atop the largest mountain of all the planes MT Olympian and he sits atop it like a throne being bigger than it and there are only two amulets in existence players can be teleported before him by praying to him at one of his alters they must know draconic and succeed on a d20 roll 11 or higher succeeds this can be attempted two times a day if you can persuade him he can give you one of the two necklaces in existence role 3 d20s take the highest number and 15 or higher succeeds.


This amulet can be used at will with no limits on time spent in your other form or how many times you can shift back and forth and it works in any anti magic effect field no mater what produces the magic field so technically they can permanently stay in dragon form if they want.

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