The Ameliorated Church of Lucana (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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The Ameliorated Church of Lucana[edit]

The most recent outgrowth of the Fenestra church, and sharply divided from the other three major branches, the Ameliorated Church of Lucana worships Sanctuary and Monolyth almost exclusively. Rune and other spirits are far less prominently venerated. And the Lucana church doctrine holds the worship of the lords of the 10 towers are to be heretical. While considered far less volatile than the Illuster Sacellum, the Church of Lucana is relatively puritanical and far more abstemious than other regional faiths.

(for example, all denominated priests are expected to pledge to vows of the holy order, including celibacy, poverty, and abstinence. likewise, most Lucana church congregation members refrain intercourse out of marriage, alcohol, vugar magic, and smoking)

In general, Lucana priests and church gerontarchs take an extremely dim view of magic in general, and non-sacerdotal magicians in particular.

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