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Warlock Otherworldly Patron: The Acidious One[edit]

You have made a pact with a formless entity that is made completely of acid. You are implanted with a small amount of your patron, endowing you with done of their powers and bringing you closer to them as time goes on.

Expanded Spell List

The Acidious one lets you choose from an expanded list of spells. The following spells are added to the spell list for you.

Spell Level Spells
1st Shield, Purify Food and Drink 2nd Acid Arrow, Alter Self 3rd Gaseous Form, Stinking Cloud 4th Polymorph, Blight 5th Cloudkill, Contagion*

*Unless you acquure this spell from another source, you can only apply Slimy Doom with it.

Acidic Blood

Starting at 1st level, your blood becomes acid. When you are dealt slashing or piercing damage by a nonmagical weapon, the weapon that hit you begins to dissolve, taking a -1 penalty to attack rolls, which is applied again each turn, when the weapon has a -5 penalty the weapon is destroyed.

Acid Control

Starting at 6th level, you learn to control the acid circulating throughout your body, giving you resistance to acid damage and allowing you to coat your weapons or body in acid. You deal an extra 1d6 damage on attack rolls. When you are hit by an attack, as a reaction you can cause the attacker to take 1d6 acid damage. This damage increases by 1d6 every 4 warlock levels.

Acid Calling

Starting at 10th level, you can use an action to summon a Gray Ooze this ooze is friendly to you and your companions, and remains for three days. In addition, this ooze gains the ability to communicate with you over long distances. When an ooze summoned by this effect within 5 miles of you sees something that it deems your enemy, it will attempt to contact you. You must make a wisdom saving throw. On a fail, you learn that there is an enemy approaching, but you fail to learn what. On a success, you learn the enemies basic appearance and CR/Level. You cannot use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

Acid Body

Starting at 14th level, your body has become completely acid. In addition, you have also learned to control your summoning powers better. On your turn, you can take the engulf action, dealing 2d6 + your charisma modifier on each of your turns. You also gain the ability to move through spaces as small as one inch without expending extra movement.In addition, you can no longer wear nonmagical armor or wield nonmagical weapons. You can now summon a Gelatinous Cube with your Acid Calling feature and your summons last indefinitely.

Pact Boons

Pact of the Blade As a formless being, The Acidious One does not wield weapons. As such, your arm becomes your pact weapon. You can shape your arm into any type of weapon that you have proficiency with and it deals an extra 1d4 acid damage.

Pact of the Tome The Acidious One endows you with a book of spells with pages made of acid. As you leaf through, the words shift on the page.

Pact of the Chain The Acidious One endows you with a Black Pudding or an Ochre Jelly. When these split, you gain control of both of the resulting oozes. You can feed an ooze to increase their size and hit points. For every 5 hit points consumed by the oozes, It gains 1 temporary hit point. When they have gained 20 temporary hit points with this effect, it becomes one size larger, loses all temporary hit points, and its maximum hit points increases by 20.

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