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Thaumaedor is the Kingdom of the Avarial, The winged elves. These elves are completely self sufficient from the other isles. The Crystal Aviary is both the center of the isle and the Capital. King Sathrumn Windseeker has ruled for over two hundred and forty years. Other races that visit the isle are taken to the Merchant Ward on the rim of the isle. Trespassers to the interior of the isle are often dropped over the rim, to free fall to the ground below. Merchants are treated well and then sent on their way. Water is the only major commodity on Thaumaedor. However in recent years a dwarven mage called Tvim Shalefist has petitioned the King for permission to reside in the Merchant Ward permanently and take an apprentice from the local Avarial. The King has chosen to allow the mage to reside on the isle until a decision can be made, but not to apprentice any Avarial. The current Highpriest of Arbeorn is Ambree Fargale.

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