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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A scalpel tearing open a bare chest/Two hands, one bearing a bleeding scalpel, the other, a still-beating heart.
Home Plane: Gehenna
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Science, Medicine, Surgery, Experimentation
Clergy Alignments: Non-Good
Domains: Precision, Cunning, Evil, Healing, Profit.
Favored Weapon: A verisimilitude of Surgical Implements, specifically a Large, dual-bladed scalpel, each blade 8cm Long, and a 45cm Long Handle between the two blades.

Also known as: Thaelr, Fel'r

Titles: The Night Surgeon, The Plagued Doctor

Dwelling in a great tower in the outskirts of Gehenna, Overlooking the blood war in the Grey Wastes. The only entrance a wide set of doors in the pit of a deadlock canyon. This great, cold, marble spire reeks of chemicals, and gore, upon entry. This place, a laboratory, and testimate to both his cold genius, and the deranged nature of his work. The screams and cries of his "Patients" and "Subjects" rings constantly through the halls, bearing many rooms, segregated in the same structure one would expect of a hospital. Daemons, devoted to the mad genius that lurks in the laboratory at the top, escort "patients" (The souls and bodies of mortals, slain in sacrifice, or alternatively, Demons and Devils wounded or paralyzed in the Blood War. The most relished "patients" are outsiders, from higher plains) from room to room, for all manners of macabre surgeries and experiments. The upper floors are guarded by more successfully treated "patients". And atop the 40 floors, is a murky, almost opaque dome, of Red, Brown, Black and Green. This dome was once clear glass, yet it has never been cleaned. Within this dome, is "The Operating Room", Thalar's personal office.

Thalar himself, is a Daemon, of almost human appearance, with slick grayed hair, and gaunt facial features. He stands at 6"6, head and shoulders. His skin is a pale, sickly grayish tinge, despite this, he is quite handsome, almost darkly desirable if you where to see his visage unmarred by a sadistic grin. He wears a heavy, slick, black robe, blood, gore, and bile wash easily from it, and a set of heavy gloves made from the same, unknown material drape his hands. When he sets to his beloved work, or prepares for a coming battle (They are much so the same in his eyes), he dons a helmet, comparable to both a knight's square helm, and a Plague Doctor's mask. He wields no individual weapon in battle, and while he prefers to be as close and personal with his "patient" as possible in his work, his precision, and the light weight of the surgical implements he wields, allow him to do well at range, throwing the seemingly endless supply of scalpels, knives, saws, and needles he uses for a melee.

Yet even more deadly than the cut of his blades, and the precision with which he wields them, is the usage of contagions and the like, collected for study from his "patients" and "subjects". These viscous and toxic disease are the curses he bestows upon those who anger him.


The Thalaran followers are mostly, not, guided under a single banner. They are healers, scientists, and assasins, dedicated to either learning whatever they may learn through study of the body, or selling the precision a follower of Thalar may offer. Many, like their god, take sadistic glee in their work, singing to themselves as they cut, or preforming macabre entertainment for themselves alone. Those who serve the Plagued Doctor in the name of science often keep a single small, remote lab, either hidden from the public via distance, or trickery. Then there are those who find themselves in his domain for will of practice, and profit. Some stay in the field for both reasons.

Thalar's followers often offer faustian deals for those with illnesses, or disabilities. For instance, a drow, struggling to adapt to surface life, wishes for aid in seeing. The "kind doctor", puts them asleep, via magic or drugs, after a contract is signed in blood. The drow's eyes are then replaced with a set of eyes, be they magical, or merely better suited to daylight, which allow them to function better in surface light. The patient is to, from then on, make regular payments or service. If they are not punctual with making their payments, it is likely a Repo Man will be sent after them, typically without warning, to reclaim his eyes. Not through magical, or ritualistic methods, but surgical methods. If the victim has gone a signifigant period of time, avoiding capture or re-possession, they are likely to have more than just their eyes taken.

If an assassin serves Thalar, they may find themselves a Repo Man, see there for more information.

Thalar, however, discourages wanton slaughter and bloodshed, Precision and Efficiency, when in the field, or given a duty, are valued above any knowledge which may be gained from the subject. Infact, quite often is the efficiency the focus, that if the assignment is to reclaim a spine, they may very well ignore any other damage they may cause, lethal or not, and remove the victim's spine, in as clean a condition as possible.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Priests and Assassins of Thalar train regularly with surgical implements, on both Cadavers, live subjects, and themselves, at times. They focus their talents on passive spells to increase their speed, precision, and finesse, as well as spells to heal those whose lives they are to regard, or who may prove useful.

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