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Raising the Temple[edit]

Intended for four level 1-3 adventurers.

The town is planning on building a temple on bugbear breeding grounds, a cursed crypt which spawns undead every full moon, ogre breeding grounds, and a shrine where kobolds regularly make sacrifices. Working with the residences, can the players make this successful or will the village get eliminated?

  • Prep Time 5+ hrs
  • Play Time 5+ hrs

Quest Introduction[edit]

Players have entered Town and are looking for ways to help out in exchange for some gold, a place to stay, or other reward. Town is in the process of being constructed, and Leader has requested that they show off their skills by aiding in the construction of the town's temple, which is to serve the Goddess Chauntea. Builders are restless and reluctant to work under such new, poor leadership and for such little pay compared to that to which they are used, and need encouragement. They could also use a helping hand once in a while, as some are not so skilled.


Players begin their adventures together in this town, which is starting anew itself, breaking free from the military-ruled City of Oversight to create their own town on the other side of Oversight's namesake mountain. As the Town welcomes the new players and is getting to know them, it makes use of their high-level skills to help grow itself, sending them on quests to benefit the Town and asking for their assistance in its construction in return for a few gold, handy crop seed, small livestock, etc, and ultimately permanent citizenship and free residence as is available (one day room and board will be built exclusively for them...assuming they remain on the Town's good side and significantly influence the Town's growth).


As the players enter town as strangers, each will be greeted immediately by one or another citizen and taken to the town's leader - a near-blind, very elderly man of strong yet little known powers and wisdom, with a tendency to wink in random directions. He recognizes the strength in the characters (he acknowledges them as the one of the woods, student of the otherworld, prisonguard prisoner,&my character),and requests they stay to aid the town in exchange for above rewards. He notes that he senses a power form itself when they are close together, wherever they may be in his town, and that they should make use of that whether they choose to go or stay, but that if they stay he will reward them greatly. As best a poor ruler can, of course. Haha!


Build the temple. See add-on sheet for details.


Sub-leader and architect Barton - Human. Friendly and mildly charismatic, though would seem to make a better choir director than construction team leader. Has little control over the men and is easily distracted. Likes to immerse in long conversations about unrelated topics and leave the work (and his trust) in the workers. Seven working men - all Human. Names & Personalities: Brandis, Donn, Drew, Gaston, Nic, Thomas, Wil - Donn and Drew are quiet, keep to themselves but tend to lean together and try to get the work done as best they can. Often picked on by Brandis and Gaston, the two bullies, who love to do anything but work, although they are most physically suited. Wil keeps to self and gets on well; others are in between and easily influenced by mischief.


Stage One: Temple Construction Site[edit]

About half of the first floor skeleton has been erected. Lined with three colossal trees - two touching the sides of the front, though the third will be blocked from view by the back of the building, which is designed to run directly up against it. This will also block any light from entering the back windows, a concern which was not addressed by Barton, who designed the temple layout.

Stage Two: Resource Gathering[edit]

Suggestion from a user: How about having the adventurers go off to find suitable materials to construct the walls out of? Such as a vein of marble, or granite, or whatever. This could lead them into caves and natural caverns to look for the desired materials and could lead into the discovery of something - you decide what. Advance to stage 3 or 4 from here....It's your call.

Stage Three: Everything Goes To The Moon[edit]

{{{stage-three details}}} User Having Fun: Tragedy! Something terrible, because let's face it, this is D&D, has happened. The temple is being built on one of the following:

  • Bugbear Breeding Grounds
  • A Cursed Crypt which spawns undead every full moon
  • Ogre Breeding Grounds
  • A Shrine where Kobolds regularly make sacrifices
  • Something else that is bad

If directly following stage 2, this not only hinders construction, but blocks access to that new resource you just found! Your players must now fix this problem the way all adventurers do: by either killing a large number of creatures or kill a somewhat large amount of creatures in a dungeon crawl. If they don't fail, go directly to stage 4. Have fun!

Stage Four: Progress is Made[edit]

User Still Having Fun: Success! If directly after stage 3, but stage 3 was not immediately preceded by stage 2, the beaten enemy begs for mercy and offers to aid in construction and provide resources long enough to finish a half floor. Otherwise, newly accessed resources allow the builders (with help from the players) to build another half floor. Repeat steps 2,3 and 4 until you decide that the temple is built. Then proceed to stage 5.

Stage Five: Completion[edit]

User Had A Lot of Fun, Thanks: The temple is finally completed! The small town is basking in the glory of Chauntea's blessing and holding as big a party as they can. The players have their fun, but the next morning, an omen appears, leading them away from the small town and onto their next quest.....

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