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Correct terminology for 3.5e content[edit]

Class Feature (Sp): "At Xth level, you can use such-and-such as a spell-like ability Y times per day."

  • "Half-elf" and "half-orc" are not subtypes. Half-elves are humanoids with the elf subtype, and half-orcs are humanoids with the orc subtype.
  • "Subdual" was a 3.0 term. In 3.5 it's now called "nonlethal."
  • Magic/psionic weapons and armor names have the enhancement bonus listed first, such as a +1 flaming longsword. Other magic/psionic items with bonuses in their names list the bonus last, such as bracers of armor +6.
  • Dark elves are typically referred to as "drow" or "dark elves," but not "drow elves." The same is true several other races: "gray dwarves" or "duergar," "deep gnomes" or "svirfneblin," "tallfellows" (not "tallfellow halflings"), "blues" (not "blue goblins").

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