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Enter {{HyruleRandomWeapon}} on a page. Every time that page is viewed or previewed, the template will be replaced with a randomly-selected weapon from Weapons (Hyrule Supplement).

The following weapons are excluded: all ammunition, all exotic ranged weapons, club, sickle, mace, bug-catching net, net, deku stick, lizal boomerang, and lizal tri-boomerang.

Crossbow, Hand, longbow, shortbow, and shortsword each appear twice as often as other weapons (4% each). Otherwise, each weapon has an equal chance of appearing (2% each).

The below table shoes the percentage chance of different categories of weapons.

(no thrown)
Ammunition Total
Simple 16% 16% 8% 40%
Martial 42% 4% 14% 60%
Total 58% 20% 22%

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