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Sample Output

PL 5 American Thrown Explosive Grenade

Damage 4d6 Critical
Damage Type Slashing Reflex DC 15
Size Tiny Weight 1 lb.
Range Increment 10 ft. Burst Radius 20 ft.
Purchase DC 15 Restriction Mil (+3)


The following parameters can be used with the d20M Explosive template.

Variable Required? Default Description Sample Values
PL Y Error Progress Level of weapon, number form only. 7, 8, 9+
country N [Blank] Possessive country of origin. American, French, Argentine
descriptor N [Blank] Optional extra descriptor of weapon. Thrown explosive, placed explosive, improvised
type Y [Blank] Type of weapon. Grenade, Mine, Thrown Weapon
damage Y Weapon damage. If splash weapon, put splash damage in parenthesis. 4d6, 8d6, 1d6 (1)
critical N Critical threat range and multiplier. If the weapon never threatens criticals, leave blank. 20, 20/x4, 19-20/x3
damagetype Y Type of damage dealt. Concussion, Slashing, Fire
reflex N Reflex save DC for to halve damage dealt. 12, 15, 18
size Y Size of weapon. Tiny, Small, Medium
weight Y Weight of weapon, including units. 1 lb., 2 lb., 3.5 lb.
range N Range increment of thrown weapon. Usually 10 ft. 10 ft., 15 ft., 30 ft.
burst N Burst radius of the explosive. 5 ft., 10 ft., 20 ft.
cost Y Purchase DC of weapon. 3, 8, 17
restriction N Restriction level of weapon Lic (+1), Res (+2), Mil (+3), Illegal (+4)
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