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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A bronze circle featuring the face of half a wolf and half a bear.
Home Plane: Beastlands
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Beasts, Hunters, Power, and Good Were-Beings
Clergy Alignments: Any non Lawful/ non Evil
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Strength
Favored Weapon: Claws or Duel Kukri
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Telv, Protector of Good Were Creatures, titles include Forest Lord, King of the Beasts, and God of Hunters. Often viewed as a Werebear or Werewolf, though sometimes portrayed as a broad shouldered man in the wilderness. His most common worshipers include rangers, and those who grew up in the wilderness. Knights look at his twisted code of conduct in a similar fashion and become lenient toward his ways, respecting his high honor of brotherhood and glory. He is known to have a bitter-sweet rivalry with Ehlonna of the Forest, which has led to his followers misleading attacks of elves. Telv himself harbors no ill fealings toward Ehlonna, rather allow her to service the mythical and peaceful, while he guides the larger and more brash beasts.


Telv believes in rule by power, constant change, and fair play. His followers are encouraged to fight fairly, despite their chaotic nature, and to never be vain in the spoils of victory nor the taste of defeat. Telv has been known to hold a high regard for fraternal bonds. Hates those who do not fight with honor, and mistreat others.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The closest thing Telv has to organized clergies are Bands of Brothers who abide by his loose command. Rarely is Telv built a temple, generally shrines are made to give him thanks. He sees no need for such mundane forms of worship, a hunters accomplishment gives him more glee than an alter ever could.

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