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Tattooed Armor: This magic enhancement is a tattoo that is placed on the chest of the buyer and the armor, it can be created as any symbol (usually a personal crest). The owner can place their hand on the tattoo (even through clothing) and will the armor over their body as a swift action.

The armor can disappear back into the tattoo by the owner placing his hand on the symbol and willing it as a free action. The owner gains no benefits when the armor is not out. The armor is designed specifically for the owner and provides maximum movement and therefore removes 2 check penalties and adds +1 to the max dexterity. Speed, weight, dexterity, and check penalties only apply whilst the armor is out, not when it is in the tattoo. Magical components of the armor still apply when the armor is not out such a s AC bonuses, fire protection, etc..

The owner of a tattoo may will any armor into his tattoo, it may then be willed out as above. Once you take the armor out of your tattoo it is classed as being designed specifically for you.

Faint Conjuration;CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Cost ?; Market Price: Price 6000gp for tattoo on body, 2000gp for tattoo on armor.

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