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Tattoo Kit[edit]

This kit includes a jar of concentrated ink paste, a needle with an ink well, and a small wooden mallet. To create a tattoo with this kit, the crafter must roll a Craft(tattoo) or Profession(artist). The kit provides a +2 circumstance bonus on the check. The ink is made from a processed and fermented fruit, filtered and boiled down to a thick paste. It has a deep purplish blue color and smells sweet with a tang of alcoholic fume. The needle is made from sharpened brass and forms a pointed tip. Ink runs down from the corked well and to the tip. The handle of the needle is long with a blunt cork top. The hammer is made from solid wood with a knobbly end used to smack the top of the needle to drive it into the skin, so that the ink is absorbed.

  • Ink Cost 45gp
  • Needle Cost 4 gp
  • Mallet Cost 1 gp
  • Total Cost 50gp; Weight 2lb

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