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Black dragon head with gold wings breathing golden acid.

Domains: Storm, Strength
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Tarvo is the god of the dragonkin. He has chosen the dragonkin as his race and serves their fighters and warriors as to further the race. When a baby dragonkin is born the parents will make a large sacrifice to Tarvo and if he is pleased, he will protect and strengthen the young warrior. When the warrior is old enough to make his own sacrifices he must do so. Tarvo requires a freshly killed enemy as a sacrifce. Most young dragonkin hunt some of the more dangerous game in their tribe's territory. If Tarvo is pleased with the sacrifice, he grants strength, awareness, and battle sense. If he is particularly pleased, Tarvo will grant protection in battle from trickery and unfair fighting.

According to legend, Tarvo was once a colassal black dragon but grew so powerful he could have easily attacked some lesser gods. To prevent an enormous war between dragons and gods an overgod decided to make Tarvo an intermediate god. Once here he grew more and more powerful until he basically asserted himself to the position as a greater god. He still appears to his followers as the black dragon he was when he was mortal.

After Tarvo was declared a deity and worked his way to the title of greater deity, he sent in a request to some overdeities. He wanted to make all of his offspring at least hero deities. Out of all his previous offspring only one was chosen to be risen to the hero deity status. The child was Shalamin Zyrephon. Shalamin is the son of Tarvo and the chief of the most powerful tribe of dragonkin's daughter.

  • Do not kill in cold blood.
  • Do not be hostile towards another of draconic blood without reason.
  • Train daily.
  • Everyone must learn to fight.
  • Avoid cowardice.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Tarvo, or Tarics, must be of a draconic race but dragonkin are preffered. They must be raised as a warrior and at the age of their first sacrifice be selected by an elder cleric. The elder cleric will then take them into the hidden room of The Great Chapel. In this room there is a globe of solidified acid that was created with the divine powers of Tarvo. The chosen one must then place their hand on the ball of acid. If the hand just rests on the ball without pain, they may become a Taric initiate. After twelve years of studying the history, theology, and writings of Tarvo and his offspring, mainly Shalamin, the initiate may become a full Taric. At this point they must go back to the Chamber of the Globe and rest both hands on the ball. If the initiate is truly ready to be a Taric a small sphere of acid will rise, half of the sphere into each hand. The Taric must then place a chain or band of his choice in between the two halves of the sphere as the Taric presses the two halves together. The acid will form around the band and the Taric must wear this amulet for the rest of his/her days. If they start to conspire against Tarvo, the acid will then melt through the Taric.


When a faithful follower wants to show his dedication to Tarvo, he will normally ask for a quest. Tarvo does not ask for help but will gladly accept it. The quest is normally driving imputities out of nearby clans' territory. This could be as simple as some of the wild, dangerous game being overpopulated or as complex as a tribe that has fallen to clans or groups that do not support only draconic races.

If there is no trouble brewing close to the dragonkin who is asking for a quest, Tarvo will rarely ask for the follower to bring an artifact to him. This artifact normally has something to do with who Tarvo was when he was mortal.


Tarvo will only hear prayers prayed in Draconic and only helps the extremely devout or those in great need. A follower of Tarvo is expected to pray prayers of protection twice a day along with any other requests or praises. Tarics are expected to be in prayer half of their waking day.


There are many temples of Tarvo strewn throughout draconic infested land. These temples are made in a cliff's face. They are a series of tunnels with at least two smaller fellowship rooms, a sacrifice hall and a large sanctuary with a shrine and an alter to Tarvo with a smaller shrine to Shalamin.

The Great Chapel is the biggest and grandest of the temples to Tarvo. It is located in a cliff face near the tribe of Shalamin. In this temple there are six fellowship rooms, twelve sacrifice halls, and two sanctuaries. In one sanctuary is a tremendous golden alter and large bronze shrine to Tarvo. In the other sanctuary there is a small alter coated in obsidian and a smaller shrine coated in shale.


The Holy Days of Tarvo, or Rollotel, is the first week of the new year. This week was the week where Tarvo was first promoted to the deity level. During this time Tarvo grants the most prayers and gives out the most strength, battle skills, and spells. This is the time where every dragonkin, or other draconic races, make their annual sacrifice to Tarvo. Many young dragonkin warriors long for the year to come when they will start sacrificing along with the adults.

The entire week is filled with tournaments of skill, armed combat, ranged combat, magic combat, unarmed combat, and flying. There is plenty of food, drink, and dance. During this week, more dragonkin find their mates than the rest of the year combined.


Tarvo calls any deity that is working for a draconic race an ally. Tarvo tries to avoid the good and evil concept because evil is needed just as much as good. He works with the plans of other draconic deities as long as they will further a draconic race.

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