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Targeted Arcane Channeling [Epic]

The Duskblade can now focus all her Arcane Channeling blows to attack just one target, but with reduced effects in each blow.
Prerequisite: Duskblade 20th level, BAB +23, Extend Spell
Benefit: The character can choose only one target to deliver all her attacks, and within them she´ll unleash her channeled spell as many times as many blows she´s able to strike. However, the spell weakens in each blow, producing fewer effects. From the second blow onward, the spell effect will be reduced to half; in the third strike, will fall to a quarter; and then to 1/8, and so on. If the spell effect demands a saving throw, its DC will be reduced in 2 for each blow beyond the first one. The target´s spell resistance won´t suffer changes. The character must spend 2 spell slots of the same spell level (instead of one) to generate this effect.
Normal: The Duskblade can´t target all her attacks while using the Arcane Channeling class feature in the same opponent.
Special: If the Duskblade also has the Double Arcane Channeling feat, it´s possible to apply Targeted Arcane Channeling to the attacks of both weapons, treating them separately, but it´ll spend twice as many spell slots of the adequate spell level.

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