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After taking notice of an IP edit (see a comparison here) I saw that this race was long overdue for some tidying up and trimming (at least in the mechanics section anyhow). I think it is closer to the goal of being LA1 now, but is definitely still overpowered. So, anyone have any ideas for what to trim while keeping the flavor of the race and promoting balance? --Ganteka 13:15, 9 April 2009 (MDT)

Perhaps adding a penalty to intelligence or wisdom to further balance the race. Generally a Charisma bonus means they are easier to get along with, I'd suggest a penalty to CHA because "tend to think highly of themselves" makes them less charismatic, not more. Change Weapon from dagger, shortbow, or longbow, to one of the above weapons. Eliminate the +1 HP per HD, Constitution bonuses already do that, since this race doesn't have a Con bonus, it shouldn't get bonus HP. Change the +2 bonuses to the skills listed to a +1 bonus to the skills listed. Change base speed to 30ft / round, +10 feet in forests.

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