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To Do[edit]

Immediate Work[edit]

  • Create semi-complete (non-stub) pages dedicated to each of the gods
  • Create semi-complete (non-stub) for all the races
    • Dwarves
      • Coal-Hairs
      • Deep Dwarves (Vermadad Variant)
      • Dwarf Mix-Breeds
    • Elves
      • Forest Elves
        • Elf Hybrids
      • Drow (Vermadad Varient)
        • Drow Hybrids
    • Orcs (Vermadad Variant)
  • Finish Class Guide for Player's Handbook Classes
  • Finish Origin Story

Future Work[edit]

Locational Stuff[edit]

  • Create Info page on Nacultor
  • Create Info on Boself
  • Create Info on Scarder
  • Create Info on Ordina
  • Create Info on Placeria
  • Create Info on the Orcan Mountains
  • Create Info on the Comerra
  • Create info on the Outlying Island
    • Spefic Info on each of the outlying Islands
  • Create Info on the Seven Southern Kingdoms
    • Spefic Into on each of the Seven Kingdoms
  • Make Dungeon Pages
  • Make City Stuff

Racial Stuff[edit]

  • Finish Races of Vermadad page for all the Races
  • Finish the individual racial pages
    • Aquans
    • Gnomes
    • Gold-Hair
    • Wood-Hair
    • Blood-Hair

Class Stuff[edit]

  • Finish Class Stuff page for all the different books
  • Looking into making prestige classes

Planes Stuff[edit]

  • Finish making details for all the of the planes

Pantheon Stuff[edit]

  • Finish making detailed pages for all the gods and such, including their philosophies and stuff
  • Get Images of them

Map Stuff[edit]

  • Learn to make half-way decent looking maps
  • Make the maps for the worlds

Extra Stuff[edit]

  • Make Introduction for Players
  • Make Stuff for DMs
  • Make Adventures
  • Think of more things to add to this todo list.
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