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{{5e Spell
|name=Animate Dragon
|casttime=1 minute
|range=10 feet
|comp=V, S, M (a drop of dragon blood, a dragon's scale, and the bone of a dragon)
|summary=Create an undead servant form the corpse of a dragon.
This spell creates an undead servant from the corpse of a dragon. Choose a pile of dragon bones or a dragon's corpse within range.  Your spell imbues the target with a foul mimicry of life, raising it as an undead creature.  If the target's original CR does not exceed 10, it gains the [[Skeleton (5e Template)|skeleton template]] if you chose bones, or the [[Zombie (5e Template)|zombie template]] if you chose a corpse.  If the creature's original CR does exceed 10, instead apply the respective template to the statistics of an [[5e SRD:Young Red Dragon|young red dragon]] and use these statistics for the creature.  If the dragon retains a breath attack, this attack now instead deals necrotic damage instead of its former damage type.

On each of your turns, you can use a {{5e|Bonus Action}} to mentally command the dragon you made with this spell if the dragon is within 60 feet of you. You decide what action the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard a particular chamber or corridor. If you issue no commands, the creature only defends itself against hostile creatures. Once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until its task is complete.

The creature is under your control for 24 hours, after which it stops obeying any command you've given it. To maintain control of the creature for another 24 hours, you must cast this spell on the creature again before the current 24-hour period ends.  You cannot simultaneously control another creatures with any spells (such as with {{5h|s|Dominate Monster}}, {{5h|s|Conjure Elemental}}, or {{5h|s|Animate Dead}}) without losing control of the creature created by ''animate dragon.''

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