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I think this spell is useless since a whack with a mace and/or a cure minor would be more effective, --Owen

It can be a very useful spell in certain circumstances, but unless you are building a character with this spell in mind it is unlikely to be of much use. For example, Reach, Ray Extention, Ray Burst, Extend(Free with planning domain) and Persist would make this spell a 30ft vampiric aura for a day, very useful. Combine with Vampiric touch with the same and you have a cleric stealing a mass of health and regenerating more and more as they get surrounded(better to be done alone unless you have a way to avoid hitting friends).


I gave sorcerers and wizards the ability to use this spell since they have the most similar spells of [Bestow Wounds] and [Vampiric Touch]. Modified the wording so it scales with effects that increase damage and healing.

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