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This is my first post: assistance with formatting is appreciated. perhaps go a bit more in depth as to WHY or HOW one becomes a thrull. I understand your Mtg inspiration, although I'm not sure this is completely fleshed out. You are obviously going for something like the Skeletal, or Zombie templates (which also are not recommended for PC's unless for their minions). Take a good look at those templates and the specific ways that the acquired template is acquired. I also have to wonder however, if simply making a new monster variety might not meet your needs better. Something like a basic thrull that does one thing, a slightly different thrull that can be killed and worn for armor or whatever, and a few more to round things out. Either way you go, it sounds like there might be some spells to create too (create thrull, sacrifice thrull, curse with thrull template). You have a good start, just some food for thought.

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